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The ability to create and cause powerful earthquakes. Sub-power of Earth Manipulation and Disaster Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Earthquake Causing/Creation


The user can create earthquakes at will.


  • Fissure Creation
  • Destroy a city/town.
  • Destroy an island.
  • If powerful enough, user may destroy an entire continent or region.
  • Causes sea-quakes through seismic activity on seabeds, causing Tsunami's.
  • Can create avalanches and/or landslides.



  • May not be immune to the effects of the earthquake.
  • Once an earthquake is initiated, it may be impossible to stop.
  • May require contact with the ground.
  • The earthquake generated by the user will affect everyone and everything in their surroundings including themselves.

Known Users

  • Daisy 'Skye' Johnson (Agents of Shield)
  • Edward Newgate (One Piece)
  • Marshall D. Teach (One Piece)
  • Earthbenders (Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra)
  • Thor (Marvel comics)
  • Fist Bump (Skylanders)
  • The Darkness (Skylanders)
  • Ground-type Pokemon (Pokemon)
  • Rock-Type Pokemon (Pokemon)
  • Steel-Type Pokemon (Pokemon)
  • Goddess of Earth (Charmed)
  • Earthshakers (Charmed: The Brewing Storm)
  • Samuel Sullivan (Heroes)
  • Gigasmon (Digimon)
  • Clay Bailey (Xiaolin Showdown)
  • Naturon Shenron (Dragon Ball GT)
  • Jack (Marchen Awakens Romance)
  • Avalanche (Marvel)
  • Hulk (Marvel)
  • Juggernaut (Marvel)
  • Rictor (Marvel)
  • Fault Zone (Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects)
  • Cornelia Hale (W.I.T.C.H)
  • Cadmium/Cavity (Great Greed)
  • Poseidon/Neptune (Greek/Roman Mythology)
  • Nico di Angelo (Percy Jackson & the Olympians)
  • Hazel Levesque (Heroes of Olympus)
  • Armodrillo (Ben 10)
  • Fourarms (Ben 10)
  • Jesse Turner (Supernatural)
  • Rebecca Jessup (No Ordinary Family)
  • Kat Gardener (Eastwick)
  • Kratos (GoW); via atlas quake
  • Demi-Fiend (Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne); via Gaea Rage
  • Mega Man (Mega Man); via Quake Drill
  • Guts Man (Mega Man)
  • Hard Man (Mega Man 3)
  • Concrete Man (Mega Man 9)
  • Kumatora (Mother/Earthbound); via PK Ground
  • Quake Woman/Tempo (Mega Man Archie Comics); via Quake Drill
  • Lord Tirek (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Saitama (One Punch Man)
  • Tenshi Hinanawi (Touhou Project)
  • Tecton (Mighty Med)
  • Experiment 513/"Richter" (Lilo & Stitch: The Series)
  • Gooliope Jellington (Monster High)
  • Number One (The Lorien Legacies)
  • Adamus Sutekh (The Lorien Legacies); received by Number One
  • Regina Mills/The Evil Queen (Once Upon a Time)
  • Sairaorg Bael (Highschool DxD); via Touki
  • Arale Norimaki (Dr. Slump)
  • Rocks (Ben 10: Power of the Omnitrix)
  • Toa of Earth (Bionicle)
  • General Gong The Hawkeye (Patapon)
  • Dekapons (Patapon Series)
  • Dodonga (Patapon Series)
  • Patapons (Patapon 2); via Miracles
  • Reinhardt (Overwatch); via Rocket Hammer


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