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The power to create dungeons. Sub-Power of Dungeon Manipulation. Variation of Building Creation.

Also Called

  • Dungeon Building
  • Dungeon Raising


The user is able to plan, design and create dungeons.




  • May not be able to create the entire dungeon at once and instead have to build it room by room.
  • May have to hire or create guards and defenders.
  • May need to have a power source in the dungeon to power all the traps.

Known Users

  • Halaster Blackcloak (Forgotten Realms)
  • Han Jee-Han (The Gamer)
  • Magi (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic)
  • Ein Sof Aur (Maou no Hajimekata)
  • Sage (Yuusha Gojo Kumiai Kouryuugata Keijiban)

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