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The ability to embody duality and all binary oppositions. Opposite to Duality Transcendence.

Also Called

  • Binary Concept Embodiment
  • Binary System Embodiment
  • Binary Opposition Embodiment
  • Dual Concept Embodiment
  • Dualism Embodiment
  • Duality
  • Dualism


The user embodies all dualism and binary oppositions and systems, having absolute control over all boundaries, even ones that do not exist, and can create and even destroy boundaries.

Applications (General)

If the correct boundary is altered, the user can achieve:

Applications (Details)



  • Without precautions the user remains vulnerable.
  • Careless use may cause dangerous paradoxes.

Known Users

  • Ometeotl (Aztec Mythology)
  • Selune and Shar (Forgotten Realms); originally as the Twin-Faced Goddess.
  • The In-Betweener (Marvel Comics)

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