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The ability to wield dual-headed blade weapons with great proficiency. A variation of Double-Sided Weapon Proficiency. Not to be confused with Dual Wielding.

Also CalledEdit

  • Double Blade Proficiency/Skill/Expertise
  • Dual Blade Proficiency/Skill/Expertise
  • Double-Bladed Weapon Proficiency/Skill/Expertise


The user can wield polearm weapons that possess a blade on each end with no difficulty. In normal circumstances, such a weapon would be cumbersome and improbable to wield, as the user would have to be careful of avoiding the blade on the close end from cutting themselves.

Masters of such weapons can use them to the greatest effects, making use of the blades on both ends while avoiding accidental self-injuries. Such usage often involves constantly spinning the weapon like a buzzsaw, confusing the enemies while increasing the slashing damage with fluid movements, or creating a strong defensive maneuver. The user can hold the weapon sideways, striking both their left and right sides simultaneously. They can also toss the weapons like gigantic shurikens and then catch it back or have it return in a boomerang-like manner. The weapon can also be separated at the center to become dual weapons.



Known UsersEdit


Video/Online Games

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