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The ability to be immune to certain or all divine powers and their effects. Variation of Power Immunity. Opposite to Demonic Power Immunity.

Also Called

  • Angelic Power Immunity
  • Deity Power Immunity
  • Divine Power Invulnerability
  • Holy Immunity


User is immune to all or certain divine powers and effects, making them can withstand to angelic power and go toe-to-toe with deities.




  • Cannot be immune to the powers of an omnipotent deity
  • More powerful deities and angels may be harder to gain immunity to.

Known Users

  • Gabriel Belmont/Dracula (Castlevania: Lords of Shadow)
  • Acqua of the Back (A Certain Magical Index)
  • Gigantes (Greek Mythology); immune to the powers of the Olympian gods, thanks to their mother Gaia.
  • Scarab (The Mummy: Secrets of the Medjai)
  • Kojō Akatsuki (Strike the Blood); via Al-Maisan Mercury
  • The Adventurer/World Guardian (Runescape)
  • Cain (Supernatural); immune to the angelic White Light Manipulation power
  • Dark Sister (Valkyrie Crusade)

Known Objects

  • God Clothes/Clothes that had contact with divin blood (Saint Seiya)