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The power to communicate with a deity or deities and influence them in manners that would be otherwise impossible to do.

Also CalledEdit

  • Deity Communication
  • Divine Influence


The user can communicate with and influence their patron deities indirectly or otherwise.



  • May not be able to influence a deity, only communicate with it.
  • The user might be limited to doing the bidding of the patron deity.
  • The user may be rejected by the receivers of the deities' message.

Known UsersEdit

  • Users of Miracle (AD&D)
  • Prophets (Religion)
  • Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy series)
  • Jordan Collier (The 4400)
  • Miko (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • John Constantine (DC)
  • Reimu Hakurei (Touhou)



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