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The ability to have an enhanced directional abilities.

Also Called

  • Directional Maneuver
  • Enhanced Directionality
  • Enhanced Turning
  • Multidirectionality


The user can make sharp, acute turns at any speed, even zero radius turns, not only changing direction on the ground, but in the air, while jumping, making sharp flying turns, leaping, etc. This is usually done by curving or zigzag movements. They can change direction to dodge obstacles and attacks while moving.

They can fly clumsily by changing their direction to go up every time they start going down while moving forward or by changing direction in the air by changing direction upward to counteract gravity.

Alternatively (or at the same time), the user can move in any direction without changing their facing. For example, they can fly, walk, run or jump backwards or sideways with no problem whatsoever, perhaps as fast and easily as they can move forward.



  • Does not move fast except if they have Enhanced Speed.
  • May have a limited as to exactly how sharply they can turn.
  • May not be able to move in certain directions as easily as they do with others without changing facing.

Known Users

  • Mi Liu (Bloodivores)

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