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Dimensional Distortion
Akua Jigentou
Akua Shuzen (Rosario + Vampire II) shifting her own dimensional barrier to postpone the dimension she exists in.

Power/Ability To:

Distort the dimensional barrier.

The ability to distort the dimensional barrier. A combination of Dimensional, Force-Field and Distortion Manipulations, and a variation of Dimension Shifting.

Also Called

  • Dimensional Barrier Distortion/Shifting


The user can distort and shift the otherwise intangible barrier that separates dimensions. This allows the user to shift their own existence to another dimension and back, as well as twist the barriers for defensive and transportation purposes.


  • Dimension Shifting: Shift the user's dimension into an alternate dimension for:
    • Alternate Matter Materialization: Taking into outer dimensional resources for various purposes.
    • Dimensional Slicing: Go back and forth between dimensions while slashing a target, by the principle that physical matter of two different sources cannot exist in the same place simultaneously.
    • Dimensional Travel: Travel between dimensions.
    • Intangibility: Postpone the dimension in which the user exists, allowing them to phase through physical matter.
    • Teleportation: Shift to another dimension and then back at a spatially different location.
  • Force-Field Manipulation: Manipulate the dimensional barriers for:
    • Absolute Defense: Form a dimensional barrier for defense, which cannot be broken by physical means.
    • Air Walking: "Solidify" the dimensional barrier to appear as though walking on air.
    • Boundary Removal: Remove the separative wall between dimensions for mass dimension travel.
    • Dimensional Rift: Crack the fabrics of dimension to cause deadly rifts.
    • Portal Creation: Twist and distort the dimensional wall for portals that can instantaneously travel from one place to another.



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