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The power to have the soul of the Devil. Variation of Other Soul. An advanced version of Demon Soul.

Also CalledEdit

  • Devil's Essence
  • Devil's Life-Force
  • Satan Soul
  • Satanic Soul
  • Slanderer Soul
  • Soul of Satan
  • The Antichrist


The user of this ability has the power to have the soul of the most powerful malevolent being in existence. However, the user may lose control over this power.

The Devil is believed in many religions and cultures to be a powerful, supernatural entity that is the personification of evil and the enemy of God and humankind. The nature of the role varies greatly.

It ranges from being an effective opposite force to the creator god at one extreme, where both are locked in an eons long holy war for human souls on what may seem even terms (to the point of dualistic ditheism/bitheism), to being just a comical figure of fun or even an abstract aspect of the individual human condition at the other. In some traditions, the Devil is only a subordinate of God, who tests the righteous, accuses sinners and balances good and evil.



Known UsersEdit

  • Venger (Dungeons and Dragons: The Animated Series)
  • John Sibley (Salem)
  • Damien Thorn (The Omen Series)
  • Katie Fitzgerald (Spawn)
  • Unnamed Man (End of Days)
  • Nicolae Carpathia (Left Behind)
  • Stone Alexander (The Omega Code)
  • Franco Macalusso (Apocalypse Series)
  • Antichrist (Christianity)
  • Mirajane Strauss (Fairy Tail)


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