The ability to call the thoughts, memories, or skills of one's descendants. Opposite to Ancestral Evocation.

Also Called

  • Descendent Knowledge/Intuition/Wisdom
  • Descendent Communication


The user is able to contact the minds of those who have yet to be born, especially their descendents and future lives. Communication with future lives and descendents is possible, as well as being able to gain memories, knowledge, skills, traits and other things whenever this power is being used. As with Ancestral Evocation, the user may be able to contact living relatives or friends.


  • Gain the skills and memories of descendents and future lives
  • Gain the powers of a future life or descendent
  • May view the memories of a future person as if they were actually happening
  • Mimic traits of future lives or descendents
  • Communicate with future lives or descendents



  • Some users can only contact targets that can be linked.
  • Meditation may be required to use this power.
  • Users may talk to targets at a certain time of day.
  • May have limits as to how far into the future they can go.
  • May be unable to affect the lives of the future life and descendent.
  • May not be able to gain memories or certain knowledge or skills.

Known Users

  • Neito (Yumeria)