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The power to be immune to demonic powers. Variation of Power Immunity. Opposite to Divine Power Immunity.


The user is immune to all or certain demonic powers and effects, making them able to withstand demonic power and go toe-to-toe with demons.




  • Still vulnerable to divine powers.
  • More powerful demons (such as an transcendent demon) may be harder to be immune to.

Known Users

  • Sam Winchester (Supernatural); initially limited to demonic white light, but immunity grew the more he drank demon blood, becoming immune to Alastair's Telekinesis.
  • Dean Winchester (Supernatural); via the Mark of Cain, immune to Abaddon's powers.
  • Kaldor Draigo (Warhammer 40,000) has been fighting daemons for hundreds of years while trapped in the daemonically-infested Warp and hasn't shown any signs of slowing.


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