"I can rewrite your every living moment. I can turn every one of you victories into defeats. Poison every friendship. Deliver pain to your every breath."
"It will burn you up! Once you go through, you can't come back. You will be scattered along my timeline like confetti!"
"It matters not, Doctor. You thwarted me at every turn. Now you will give me peace, as I take my revenge on every second of your life. Goodbye. Goodbye, Doctor."
― The Great Intelligence and The Doctor (Doctor Who)

The power to induce moments of defeat. Sub-power of Event Manipulation and Challenge Declaration. Opposite power of Victory Inducement.

Also Called

  • Failure Inducement
  • Losing Inducement


Users can induce defeat in others and events in every conflict or a challenge, whether physical, financial, mental, spiritual, etc., as long as there are two or more sides and the possibility to lose, user has the power to cause it to happen.




Known Users

  • The Great Intelligence (Doctor Who); via losing his physical form
  • Yuri and Chelinka (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates)
  • Brunhild (Valkyrie Crusade)