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The power to transfer death between living beings.

Also Called

  • Death Echo/Switch/Transference


The user can transfer death from one being to another, be it themselves or others. With this, they can save others from death, as well as survive death themselves but at the cost of sacrificing another life.




Known Users

  • Reapers (Supernatural)
  • Charlie (Supernatural); via magic spells/tarot cards
  • Jay (Supernatural); via tarot cards
  • Gagamaru Chougasaki (Medaka Box); through "Encounter"
  • The Nameless One (Planescape: Torment)
  • Elena Gilbert (Vampire Diaries); Spell cast by John Gilbert
  • Man Ray's camera (Werehouse 13)
  • Chloe Sullivan (Smallville); transferred death to herself and self-resurrected
  • Dash Gardiner (Witches of East End)

Known Objects

  • Enchanted Candle (Once Upon a Time)
  • Cup of Ankh (House of Anubis)

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