The ability to transcend through death, undeath, or necromancy. Necrotic variation of Transcendent Physiology. Advanced power of Necromancy, Soul Manipulation and Undead Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Death God
  • Necromancy Transcendency
  • Undead Transcendency
  • Undeath Transcendency


This power grants the user god-like powers of transcendency by death, undeath, the manipulation of death and necromancy. When the user is a death god, the user can control the undead and generate necrotic energies. The user can even create undead lieutenants by killing their victims and raising them with special spells, by giving them immortality and special powers.



Known Users

  • Lich King (Warcraft)
  • Lord of Bones (Darksiders 2)
  • Death Knights (Warcraft)
  • Liches (Folktale)
  • Liches (RPG)
  • Kid Noble (DC)
  • Cordelia Chase (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Orcus/Tenebrous (Planescape)
  • Rea Sanka (Sankarea)
  • Lich (Valkyrie Crusade)