The power to make others become weaker whenever a power source of dead/death is near or in close contact with them. It is either induced, created, generated, manipulated and produced. Dead power version of Aversion and a variation of Death Inducement. The opposite of Life Aversion Inducement.

Also Called

  • Necrokinetic Aversion Inducement


The user can make others become weaker whenever a source of death or dead is certain, in close contact or near in vicinity.


  • Power Negation - negate and deactivate the powers of the others through the powers of dead/death
  • Weakness Inducement - induce hidden or known weaknesses to others whose weakness is dead/death
  • Limitation Inducement - using any powers of dead/death  the limitation of the one who is weak with is going to be exposed and will become an advantage to the user of this power
  • Death-Force Manipulation - controlling the movement of any source of dead/death to gain an advantage on an opponent
  • Death Inducement - by forcibly inducing death to others thus gaining an advantage in the process
  • The many water forms sources, the effect becomes more brute.



Known Users

  • Mandrake (Epic)
  • Boggans (Epic)
  • Malia (Imortal 2 ABS-CBN TV Series)


Imortal Book 3 - Malia-000:40

Imortal Book 3 - Malia-0

The video shows Malia, killing a tree and some pink flowers.