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The ability to have a soul of extreme corruption or darkness. Variation of Other Soul. Opposite to Pure Soul.

Also Called

  • Black/Blackened/Corrupt/Impure/Tainted Life-Force/Soul
  • Soul of Pure Corruption/Darkness/Shadow


User possesses a soul that is either entirely devoid of light, or has been thoroughly corrupted to the point of enabling the use of arcane, unnatural powers not accessible to the pure. This soul often results in the user being driven to evil and chaos, but the user could, if adequately accustomed to the darkness, use it without descending into evil. This type of soul often causes the wielder to become adverse to holy or pure powers.




  • May be incapable of good, even by their own volition.
  • May be vulnerable to Purification.
    • If purification is desired, it may be much harder than for someone with a Dark Heart.

Known Users


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