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Dark Power Replication
Dark Chip (MegaMan NT Warrior)

Power/Ability to:

copy a more darker variant of another's power

Power to replicate another's power, albeit a much darker and/or eviler variant of it. Variation of Power Replication.

Also Called

  • Dark Power Mimicry
  • Evil Power Replication


User can replicate powers of others around them, similar to normal power replication. However, unlike other replication powers, it allows the user to copy a darker variant of another's power. To see examples of the darker variants, see the Examples section.



  • Cannot replicate normal powers, only dark variations of them.
  • The dark duplicate of the power may be more limited than the original.

Known Users

  • SCP-1049-J (SCP Foundation)
  • Cobramaru (SD Gundam Force)

Known Objects

  • Dark Chips (MegaMan NT Warrior)

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