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For a gallery of Dark Matter Manipulation users, see here.
Dark Matter Manipulation
Dark Storm pic1
After surviving an experiment gone wrong, Dr. Daniel Gray (Dark Storm) became a living Universal Constructor

Power/Ability to:

manipulate dark matter

The ability to manipulate dark matter, a substance scientifically theorized to make up most of the physical universe. Not to be confused with Aether Manipulation, the mythological counterpart of this ability.


User can create, shape and manipulate Dark Matter, the material that is estimated to make up 84% of the universe's mass and 23% of it's mass-energy. They could potentially use it to manipulate gravity, magnetism and many other cosmic forces which exist throughout the universe, as well as Dark Matter itself, using it in the same way as regular matter or antimatter. By altering the properties of Dark Matter, one may be able to even rewrite laws of physics to a certain extent.

Universal Differences

In some universes, Dark Matter is not preexisting in the form of the universe's mass. Instead, they may be matter or energy of varying properties, depending on the manufacturing process, such as being outside the boundaries of the laws of physics, or granting abilities and even bodies.




Known Users

Conventional Dark Matter Users

  • BHB Army (Bomberman 64: The Second Attack)
  • Daniel Gray (Dark Storm)
  • Imperialdramon (Digimon)
  • Bowser (Super Mario Galaxy)
  • Major Force (DC Comics)
  • Malekith the Accursed (Marvel/ Thor: The Dark World)
  • Nibblonions (Futurama)
  • Chester Banton (X-Files)

Exotic Dark Matter Users

  • Kakine Teitoku (A Certain Magical Index)
  • Noah Family (D.Gray-man)
  • Akuma (D.Gray-man)
  • Third Exorcists (D.Gray-man)
  • Photino Birds (Xeelee Sequence)

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