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The ability to control or manipulate a target or a person through dancing. Sub-power of Performance Art Intuition. Variation of Motor-Skill Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Dance Control
  • Saltatokinesis


User can control actions of the targets by dancing, this may include even inanimate or dead targets, but only the target's body, not their minds.






Known Users

  • Caldina (Magic Knight RayEarth)
  • Dansen Macabre (Marvel Comics)
  • Bastet (Egyptian Myhology)
  • Hanihani/Honey-Honey/Jitterbug (Flint the Time Detective)
  • The Para Brothers (Dragon Ball GT)
  • Gesu (The End)
  • Myrtha (Giselle)
  • Wilis (Giselle)
  • Meloetta (Pokémon)
  • Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson's Moonwalker)
  • Dischordia (Power Rangers)
  • Guitardo (Power Rangers)
  • Flute Org (Power Rangers)
  • Pied Piper (Shrek); via flute

Known Objects

  • Dance-inator (Phineas and Ferb)


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