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"My body is constantly monitored by the Big Gete Star's main computer. Any injury I might suffer is instantly detected and repaired - and whatever flaws in my design that allowed the injury are corrected. It's quite remarkable, really."
― Meta-Cooler, Dragon Ball Z

The ability to memorize the damage one takes and render themselves immune to it. Sub-power of Damage Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Pain Assimilation
  • Previous Attack Immunity


The user can memorize the damage they take and render themselves immune to it. Whether the damage is from an opponent or self-inflicted, the user cannot be harmed in the same manner that was used to inflict damage upon them. For example, if the user assimilates the pain and damage after being cut with a sword/blade, they would become immune to the damage potential of metal-based, bladed weapons.




  • Power cannot be activated if the user is killed by the immediate damage they take in battle.
  • Damage already suffered may not heal.

Known Users


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