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The power to manipulate cryovolcanoes. Variation of Volcanic Fields Manipulation.

Also CalledEdit

  • Ice Volcano Manipulation


The user can manipulate Cryovolcanoes, a volcano that erupts volatiles such as water, ammonia or methane, instead of molten rock. Collectively referred to as cryomagma or ice-volcanic melt, these substances are usually liquids and form plumes, but can also be vapor. After eruption, cryomagma condenses to a solid form when exposed to the very low surrounding temperature.

Cryovolcanoes form on icy moons (such as Europa, Ganimede, Miranda, Titan etc.), and possibly on other low-temperature astronomical objects (e.g., Kuiper belt objects).




  • User may not be able to generate cryovolcanoes, only being able to control existing ones.

Known UsersEdit

  • Baron Brrr (Super Mario Galaxy)

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