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The power to negate any/all technological powers and usage. Sub-power of Technology Manipulation.

Also Called

  • System Hack
  • Technology Negation
  • Technology Power Negation


The users can negate any sort of powers and usage that involves technological aspects, cause power drainage of technology, EMP, system errors or computer virus infections, etc.




  • May be constantly active.

Known Users

  • Lord Salvatore Doni (Campione!)
  • Zin (Captain Earth)
  • Keramon/Infermon/Diaboromon/Armageddemon (Digimon)
  • Vessel of Adams (Evangelion)
  • Nessa (Fractale)
  • Missingno (Pokemon)
  • Iconian Probe (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • Tecna (Winx Club)
  • Zach (Wild Kratts); via advanced technology


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