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The power to manipulate cosmic water and/or ice. Variation of Water Manipulation and Cosmic Element Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Astro-Hydro/Cyrokinesis
  • Cosmic Ocean/Sea/Water/Ice Manipulation
  • Galactic Ocean/Sea/Water/Ice Manipulation
  • Space Ocean/Sea/Water/Ice Manipulation
  • Stellar Ocean/Sea/Water/Ice Manipulation


The user can create, shape and manipulate cosmic water and/or ice from the depths of deep space, or/and from celestial objects such as from comets, constellations, planets/planetoids, etc.




  • The water may be hard to control and master due to its cosmic nature.
  • If the water is brought from another planet it may have no differences to regular water.
  • Despite powers being cosmic, user may still be vulnerable to electricity.
  • User might only be able to control either water or ice, instead of both.

Known Users


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