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The power to induce bodily excretions. Sub-power of Body Manipulation.


The user can induce oneself and others to excrete, remove the waste products of metabolism and other non-useful materials from the body in various ways, including sweating, sneezing, vomiting, flatulence, etc. Resourceful uses can even use these excretions as makeshift weaponry or tools.




  • This power disgusts most people.
  • May only be able to induce excretions in oneself or others.

Known Users

  • Kurosu Nobunaga (Akatsuki Otokojuku)
  • Waterbenders (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Gluttons (Dante's Inferno)
  • Bacterian (Dragon Ball)
  • Bulma (Dragon Ball); via PP Candy
  • Cúchulainn (Final Fantasy)
  • Echo DeMille (Heroes)
  • Diego Brando (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 7: Steel Ball Run); via Scary Monsters
  • Boomers (Left 4 Dead series)
  • Spitters (Left 4 Dead 2)
  • Bo' Rai Cho (Mortal Kombat)
  • Akamaru (Naruto)
  • Uzumaki Naruto (Naruto)
  • Chaos (Primal Rage)
  • Melona (Queen's Blade series)
  • Toramaru Ryuji (Sakigake Otokojuku)
  • Backfire (Savage Dragon)
  • Heavy Flo (Savage Dragon)
  • Shrek (Shrek)
  • Jet the Hawk (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Kenny McCormick (South Park: The Stick of Truth)
  • Petey Piranha (Super Mario series)
  • Phoenix Wright (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3)
  • Kid Muscle (Ultimate Muscle)
  • Wario (Wario Land/Super Mario series)
  • Discord (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Peak Upchuck (Ben 10)
  • Murk Upchuck (Ben 10)
  • Big Chuck (Ben 10)

Known Objects

  • Bowel disruptor (Transmetropolitan)


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