The power to regenerate from any injuries so long as the core of the body remains intact. Variation of Regenerative Healing Factor.

Also Called

  • Nucleus-Reliant Regeneration


The user can regenerate from any and all bodily damage, so long as their "core" remains intact. Destruction of the core means death.

The core can be either an organ that houses the regenerative powers or the user's lifeline, or a container and the "true body" for the user's essence and mindset. Sometimes, the core can be something as small as a cell or even a molecule. The core may be shifted around at times, but otherwise, it may remain set in one place within the body. Sometimes, the user can even place the core outside of their bodies, in order to prevent its vulnerable destruction.




  • Destruction of the core results in loss of regenerative powers, or more likely, instant death.
  • Location of core may be set in one's body.
  • May require energy for the core to initiate regeneration.
  • Damage to the core may affect regeneration efficiency.

Known Users