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The ability to be immune to all forms of conversions. Variation of Power Immunity. Not to be confused with Conversion Negation.

Also CalledEdit

  • Conversion Protection
  • Transformation Immunity


The user is immune to conversion, keeping them from being turned into another species.





  • May be immune to only certain types of conversions.
  • May need to meet certain conditions for this power to be active.
  • There may be ways to remove immunity.

Known UsersEdit

  • Beverly Holiday (Generator Rex); originally
  • One (Generator Rex)
  • The Cure (The Vampire Diaries); wards off vampirism once digested
    • Katherine Pierce
    • Silas
    • Amara
    • Elena Gilbert
  • Reformed Moroi (Vampire Academy); once reverted to their original state, cannot become Strigoi again
  • Quileute shape-shifters (Twilight Saga); vampire bite is toxic to them, but not transformative
  • Werewolves (Twilight Saga); immune to vampire venom
  • Sam Winchester (Supernatural); immune to croatoan virus
  • Banshees (Teen Wolf); immune to werewolf bite, it can even trigger their banshee DNA if not active yet.
  • B.O.B. (Monsters vs. Aliens)
  • Sweet Pea (Adventure Time)
  • Lumpy Space Princess (Adventure Time); immune to the effects of the elementals.


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