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The ability to strike one part of the body and cause damage to the whole body. Variation of Enhanced Strike.

Also Called

  • Cascade Strike
  • Complete/Entire Object Strike
  • Entire Body Strike
  • Whole Body/Object Strike


User can attack in a way that causes strike on one part of the body cause damage to the whole body. The strike spreads around the whole body, bring the same effect and damage to all parts rather than just what was struck alone. So if the head of an opponent were struck, the whole body would feel the same amount of damage and feel pain despite not being hit.



  • May have consequences on the users body.
  • May cause an unwanted amount of damage on the target.

Known Users

  • Kenichi Shirahama (Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple)
  • Users of Frog Kata (Naruto)

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