"I want to obtain all the techniques and gain a true understanding of everything in this world. The first one to mix blue and yellow called the new color "green". I want to do something similar to that. If blue is the chakra, then yellow is the seal, and green is the technique… Just as there is no end to the variety of colors, there are so many thousands… tens of thousands of techniques in the world as well. But in order to obtain every possible technique and truth, it would require an eternity. Only one who understands everything after spending such time on this can be fittingly called the Ultimate Being."
― Orochimaru (Naruto)

The ability to possess all abilities/powers. Form/expression of Omnipotence.

Also Called

  • Absolute/Complete Ability/Power Collection
  • All Abilities/Powers
  • Endless/Unlimited Powers
  • Infinite Abilities/Powers
  • Omni-Power/Ability
  • Power Infinity/Legion


User has an endless number of abilities/powers, covering every possible effect and countermeasure. They can use any existing power as well as those that are yet to be, as their complete power database includes all potential abilities.

This power is similar to Meta Ability Creation, except that all possible and impossible abilities are already created, regardless of their level.

User has complete mastery and exhaustive knowledge of all of their abilities, (nature, effect, characteristics, strengths/weakness, etc.) including knowing which ones are best suited for every situation, all possible combos, and can use them flawlessly in any condition.

User can instantly use and combine any number of them, often flooding their opponents with overwhelming torrents of highly efficient combinations.

Applications (General)

All powers on this wiki and beyond:

Applications (Essential)

Basic Applications:

Intermediate Applications:

Advanced Applications:




  • All of the powers they own may still have their weaknesses.
  • Users may be susceptible to users of Meta Power Manipulation.

Known Users



South Park - Ninja Powers

South Park - Ninja Powers

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