The power to manipulate color intensity/saturation. Sub-power of Color Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Color Intensity Control/Manipulation
  • Color Saturation Control
  • Colour Intensity/Saturation Control/Manipulation


User can manipulate the intensity/saturation of both visible and non-visible color, allowing them to augment/enhance, dilute, fade, remove, and even alter its clarity/quality as well. They can do things such as enhancing the wavelength of color to lethal levels, altering it so appears to be a different color, cause blindness by magnifying the color of the sky, make normal colors invisible or augment normally non-visible colors to visibility, and more.

Effects can be either permanent or temporary depending on the users skill and the color in question.




Known Users

  • Rennbuu (AD&D)
  • Divine Presence (I/O)
  • Sunny Milk (Touhou Project)

Known Objects

  • SCP-558 - Strange Contact Lenses (SCP Foundation)

Known Locations

  • Hyper-Reality (Planescape)