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The ability to control and manipulate cleanliness. Opposite to Filth Manipulation and Pollution Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Cleaning Control
  • Cleanliness Manipulation
  • Cleansing Manipulation/Control


The user can control everything that can cause or be used to cleaning, purifying and un-contaminating environment, living, or objects, including bubbles, flowers, plants, cleaning materials, cleaning monsters, cleaning elements, cleaning entities and etc. The user's ability allows them to vanish, purify and clean anything that is dirty.




  • May or may not be able to clean as a whole the whole environment surrounding the user.
  • Those who are not supposed to be clean and one time being cleanse might get the wrong idea of maintaining the world's balance of absence and presence.
  • May or may not be stopped on cleaning anything they want.

Known Users

  • Nina (Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter)
  • Aither (Valkyrie Crusade)


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