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The power to manipulate clarity, the opacity, translucency or transparency of an object. Sub-power of Light Manipulation

Also CalledEdit

  • Clarity Control
  • Opacity Manipulation/Control
  • Optical Fluoroscopy
  • Transparency Manipulation/Control


User can manipulate the opacity, transparency and translucency of an object, making objects that are opaque transparent like glass, or vice versa. They can make objects transparent on one side while the other side remains opaque. When an object is transparent or clear, the user can manipulate the object so it gets "clouded", "fogged" or blurred so that the object is semi-transparent (translucent) or opaque.


  • Invisible Skin
  • X-Ray Vision
  • Can be used to see through objects
  • Can be used to make objects opaque and not able to be seen through
  • Can make objects translucent, so that objects are kinda able to be seen through
  • Can make one side of an object transparent while the other side remains opaque
  • Can be used to keep light from getting in a room



  • Cannot change the color of the object.
  • May be hard to change the clarity of thick objects.
  • The intensity of this power may depend on the user's strength and skill.

Known UsersEdit

  • Yunoha Thrul (Aquarion Evol)

Known PowersEdit

  • Glassteel (AD&D)


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