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The power to view the true chaotic state that makes up existence/reality. Advanced variation of Reality Perception.

Also Called

  • Chaos Perception
  • Chaotic Perception/Sight


User can see/view into the true chaotic state that makes up existence/reality, allowing them to how everything in existence comes together and connects, see past any/all falsehoods and lies and anything that is normally hidden/obscured/unknown would be laid completely bare to them including the true forms of any/all eldritch and cosmic other creatures/entities.

Since at its most basic level reality is made up of an endless sea of chaos and turmoil, the user would gain complete understanding of all things in existence/reality and possibly even beyond.




Known Users

See Also: Through The Eyes of Madness

  • Users of Penetrate Cosmic Ignorance (AD&D)
  • Vandala (Chaos Comics)
  • Users of Klatchian Coffee (Discworld)
  • Chaos-Kin (Kid Icarus Uprising)
  • Fuminori Sakisaka (Saya no Uta)
  • Shizel (Tales of Eternia); via merging with Nereid

Known Objects

  • Klatchian Coffee (Discworld)
  • SCP-750 (SCP Foundation)
  • Auryn (The Neverending Story)

Known Powers

  • Penetrate Cosmic Ignorance (AD&D)

Known Locations

  • The Vast (Planescape)


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