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The ability to reverse causality. Sub-power of Causality Manipulation. Technique of Conceptual Attacks.

Also Called

  • Backward Causation
  • Retro-causation
  • Retro-chronal causation
  • Retrocausality


The user can reverse the nature of causality to make it so the cause comes from the effect. The cause is merely a formality, as the effect has already happen before the cause has even started. The event looks completely normal to onlookers, as the cause lead to the effect, but the cause is simply an action meant to prove the fact that the effect has happened.

This ability makes sure the user always has the advantage over their opponent, as now everything has 100% chance of success and anything they do is permanent. That means no matter how agile, well defensive, or far away from the user, it is impossible to dodge, reverse or stop the effect as it is already written down in history.





  • User cannot undo what they have done, even by time travel
  • LuckProbability, and Destiny Manipulation can reduce or even avoid the damage by altering fate (if the user is powerful enough)

Known Users


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