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The power to negate causality, the laws of cause and effect. Sub-power of Causality Manipulation and Logic Manipulation.


The user can negate both cause and effect. This allows the user to achieve any desired effect by negating someone or something's cause and/or effect. By negating cause the user can erase effect allowing the user to alter time to a degree. By negating effect the user can either travel backwards in time to the point of cause or can remain in current point in time. Although the latter option leaves the user susceptible to the changes in time they can simply negate the effects the changes have on them.




  • If the user is not careful they could cause unpredictable damage by negating certain things i.e. Negating someones birth can cause changes to the time-stream.
  • If the user negates cause they will most likely negate effect as well

Known UsersEdit

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