"Are you machine or being?"
"I am both... and neither. I am my own beginning, my own ending"
― James T. Kirk and The Guardian of Forever (Star Trek)

The power to possess the powers and traits of a Self Created Being. Variation of Self Origin Manipulation. Self version of Creator Deity Physiology. Combination of Omnificence and Absolute Existence.

Also Called


The user is a self-created being who owe their existence to no one other than themselves due to the fact that they brought themselves into existence unattended. Because of this, they possess godlike power and stand at the Zenith of creation and existence. With this power, they are able to be completely free of any being or law. Supreme and otherwise.


  • Meta Transcendence
  • Primordial Force Manipulation: They can generate and control a powerful, primordial element that was used to create the universe itself. This allows powers such as:
    • Ultipotence: User possess mystical properties and contain unlimited amounts of highly potent and powerful chaos energy that is said to give life to all things.
      • Healing: Heal numerous amounts of people at a very high level with just a wave of the hand.
      • Reality Warping: Warp reality at a level that depends on the wielders experience and willpower..
      • Resurrection: Revive deceased individuals no matter how long.
      • Singularity: There is no one like the user. Not even one of his own.
      • Space-Time Manipulation: Utilize the forces of time and space to influence certain events.
      • Superpower Manipulation: Conjure/Control supernatural energies that can empower chosen individuals.
      • Telekinesis: Transcendent level ability to manipulate structures at a subatomic level.
      • Transcendent Energy Manipulation: User possess mystical properties and contain unlimited amounts of highly potent and powerful transcendent energy that is said to give life to all things.
  • Transcendent Physiology: Users inherit a god-like status throughout the cosmos.
    • Absolute Will: It was through their will that they came into being,it is through their will that all things are rendered subject to them.
    • Primordial Force Physiology: The User is totally composed of primordial force.
      • Absolute Condition: Have the absolute degree of physical/mental attributes that only a divine spirit can possess.
      • Absolute Existence: User has undivided mastery over their existence and can even manifest in any given timeline or world.
      • Absolute Immortality: Become immune to aging, and live indefinitely without food, drink, sleep, or air.
      • Enlightenment: The user is in possession of a full understanding of the universe and beyond, inheriting Omniscience as a result.
      • Freedom: The user enjoys Unrestricted freedom...
      • Meta Regeneration: If injured somehow, user can heal from any injury inflicted.
      • Meta Power Manipulation: the user has the ability to control and create any power they desire without limitation
      • Omnifarious: Will be able to alter their malleable structure to an unlimited degree.
      • Omnilock: They are immune to to the effects of Nonexistence.
      • Perfection: Users are in possession of the most essential of perfections; self-existence and all that pertains to it.
      • Self Sufficiency: And Total independence. Individual autonomy.


Known Users

  • Most Creator Deities (Mythology)
  • Atum (Egyptian Mythology)
  • Bennu (Egyptian Mythology)
  • Chaos/Kaos (Greco-Roman Mythology)
  • Khepri (Egyptian Mythology); sometimes
  • Amenominakanushi (Japanese/Shinto Mythology)
  • Sproutlings (Legend of Mana)
  • Guardian of Forever (Star Trek)
  • Ultra Comics (DC Comics); being self-narrative
  • Dream Demons (Yumekui Merry)