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The ability to manipulate the days, months and years on a calendar.

Also Called

  • Calendar Control
  • Calendrical Manipulation/Control


The user can manipulate the days, months and years of a calendar, rearranging days and months of the year (including birthdays and holidays), change when the first day of any season starts, add days or months or take away then, manipulate when each phase of the moon will happen, manipulate what zodiac will appear in each month, and so on. History may change outside the user's control to go with the change of days with special events, but the user cannot directly manipulate the events of the days themselves.




  • May be limited to certain days, months or years.
  • Effects may not be undone.
  • Can only rearrange days, not change the events in them.

Known Users

  • Advent Fairy (Valkyrie Crusade)

Known Objects​

  • Pyonium (Space Dandy)

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