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The power to gain strength from consuming caffeine. Variation of Affinity and Drink Empowerment.

Also Called

  • Caffeine/Caffeinated/Coffee/Tea/Soda/Energy-Drink Affinity
  • Caffeinated/Coffee/Tea/Soda/Energy-Drink Empowerment


Users become stronger, faster, more durable, etc. by consuming caffeinated products, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers. Some users may be able draw complete sustenance from it or even slow or stop aging.




  • The amount consumed may determine how long the effects lasts.
  • Energy burned after consuming caffeine may cause burn out of energy.
  • As caffeine is addictive, user could develop an addiction to it, suffering withdrawal symptoms should they cease consuming it.
  • May be limited to certain types of caffeinated drinks, other types might even weaken the user.

Known Users

See Also: Caffeine Bullet Time.


  • Kagari (Rewrite)


  • Psy-Crow (Earthworm Jim)
  • Hammy (Over the Hedge)
  • Twitchy (Hoodwinked)
  • Philip J. Fry (Futurama)
  • Cuppa Joe (Codename: Kids Next Door)

Video Games

  • Aaron Routakorpi (Persona: Rising Reverie)


  • Ziltoid the Omniscient (Devin Townsend Project)


  • Flinch (N.E.R.D.S: National Espionage, Rescue and Defence Socety)


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