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The ability to cache anything that affects one's being.

Also Called

  • Body Effect Storage
  • Containing Body


User is able to cache/store anything that has an affect on their being. This includes but is not limited to energy, sleep, pain, oxygen, emotions or even vision. The user is able to create an excess amount of an effect that they do not experience until they decide to restore it. This allows the user to perform feats otherwise unobtainable due to lack or overburden of an effect.




  • May have a time interval for which the stored effect has to be restored.
  • May have limitations for how much of something they can store.
  • Depending on their skill, the user may accidentally mix stored effects to later restore an unwanted mixed effect.

Known Users

  • Feruchemists (Mistborn)
  • Tyki Mikk (D.Gray-Man)
  • Kaito Yuuki (Area D)


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