The power to bury or submerge people or objects beneath any sort of surface. Sub-power of Earth Manipulation. Opposite to Unearth.

Also Called

  • Burial
  • Submerge


The user can bury/submerge people or objects beneath any sort of surface or into element, whether that is earth, metal, sand, water, etc. and either hold them there, allow them to suffocate or possibly even use the surrounding material to attack.



Known Users

  • Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)
  • Gaara (Naruto)
  • Fudō (Naruto)
  • Kagero (Naruto)
  • Samuel (Heroes)
  • Crocodile (One Piece)
  • Virgo (Fairy Tail)
  • Shiki (One Piece)
  • Ground Dragon (One Punch Man)

Known Powers

  • Imprisonment Spell (AD&D)