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"It's more than any human can begin to comprehend. Like the universe, it's infinite. It's not just knowledge and information—it's understanding on a level that you will never reach."
― Daniel Jackson (Stargate SG-1)

The power to manipulate the buddhaic plane of understanding and becoming one with everything. A variation of Existential Plane Manipulation.


The user can manipulate the buddhaic plane of understanding and becoming one with everything, one of the seven planes of existence.

This will allow the user to empathize with their surroundings, understand and interpret others emotions, as well as controlling them, discern distant places/people with one’s mind. The user will eventually reach the point of Enlightenment, true understanding the universe and finally, Unity by becoming one with everything.





Known Users

  • Nesta (Aquarion Logos); via World of Truth
  • The Buddha (Buddhism)
  • Factol Rhys (Planescape)
  • Jacen Solo (Star Wars); via achieving Oneness

Known Powers

  • Imago Interrogation (AD&D)

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