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The ability to mimic the powers and traits of book characters by entering books. Variation of Storybook Mimicry.

Also Called

  • Story Immersion


User can enter the story as a character, observer or themselves. If they take part of character the user may replace them or merge into the existing one, regardless they gain the abilities (whether racial or personal) and equipment. User may be able to take other people with them into the Story or even take objects out of them into real world. Note that unless they wish to do so, taken objects do not disappear from the story.




  • Becoming a character risks personality spill-over or even total loss of self if the character is too powerful.
  • May get permanently stuck in a book.
  • May die in the real world if they die in the book.
  • May not be able to take other people with them
  • May not be able to take objects out of them into real world.
  • May not be able to change the story beyond certain point.

Known Users

  • Marchen Gongja (Marchen: The Embodiment of Tales)

Known Objects

  • Yggdra's Chronicle (Chain Chronicle)

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