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The power to utilize magic involving bones. Variation of Bone Manipulation. Form of Magic.

Also Called

  • Osteomagic


The user is able use a form of magic that allows them to cast magical spells dealing with bones.

They can also use bones in two different ways: the user bone structure has magical properties that allow them to use certain magical abilities. Secondly they can use bones for rituals, spells, etc. to access supernatural power.




  • The amount of power of the bones may be limited.

Known Users

  • Gods (Beauchamp Family and Summer on East End Series); gain their powers from the bones of the old dragons and gods
  • Freya and Frederick Beauchamp (Witches of East End); uses bones for the astral projection ritual
  • Witches (The Vampire Diaries/The Originals)
  • Papyrus (Undertale)
  • Sans (Undertale)

Known Objects

  • Dragon Bones (Beauchamp Family and Summer on East End Series)
    • Bofrir Bridge
    • Magic Wands
    • Odin's ring
    • Runes

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