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The power to have a "bodyguard" that takes damage for the user. Variation of Damage Distribution.

Also Called

  • Protector Power


User has a "bodyguard" of some kind, whether living being or an object, which takes the damage instead of the user.



  • "Bodyguard" may be killed in the process of taking damage.
  • User is vulnerable to damage once the "bodyguard" is killed or knocked out.
  • "Bodyguard" may stop taking damage for user after a certain time.
  • May still be susceptible to some attacks.

Known Users

  • Spyro The Dragon (Spyro The Dragon series) via Sparx
  • The adventurer, with the Intercept spell (RuneScape)
  • Red's Paladin class, and when certain PvP banners are used (Angry Birds Epic)
  • Bayonetta (Bayonetta); via Pulley's Butterfly

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