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Body Part Erosion

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Body Part Erosion
Leah (Misfits) is a known user of this ability.

Power/Ability to:

Erode body parts

The power to make a victim's body parts erode and essentially degrade into uselessness. A sub-power of Rot Inducement.

Also Called

  • Body Part Corrosion/Decay/Deterioration


The user of this ability can make body parts of others erode either into nothingness leaving rotted or dry flesh and bone left.



  • May require physical touch.
  • May only be able to erode some body parts or only erode certain parts of someone's body.
  • Users of Regenerative Healing Factor resist this power by simply healing and generating healthy body cells.

Know Users

  • Leah (Misfits); only erodes people's genitals

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