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The power to mask one's body heat emissions. Combination of Camouflage and Body Temperature Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Body Heat Invisibility/Suppression


The user can mask their body heat and other such emissions, leaving them invisible to such things as thermal imaging equipment.



  • Sounds and other forms of noise made by the user is not masked from others.
  • The ability does not mask the user's scent.

Known users

  • Aztek (DC Comics)
  • Solid Snake (Metal Gear); via Octocamo suit
  • Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)
  • Visorak Suukorak (Bionicle); via special powers
  • Reptile (Mortal Kombat)
  • Delphyne Gorgon (Marvel)
  • Batman (Batman: Arkham City); via Body Heat Conceal upgrade
  • Indominus Rex (Jurassic World); via tree frog DNA