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The ability to transcend by using blood. Variation of Transcendent Connection and Transcendent Physiology.

Also Called

  • Transcendent Blood


User gains Transcendence by using blood as a medium, usually by drinking, smearing it on themselves, injecting or even bathing in it an thus gaining the powers of the being the blood belongs as well as powers related to blood as a substance.

Traditionally the user can only use this power if they either slay the source themselves or are given the blood freely.




  • Effect may be temporary and force the user to use more (perhaps increasing amount) blood to keep this ability.
  • May infuse the user with literal blood-lust and make them addicted to blood.
  • User may be unable to digest anything but blood.

Known Users

  • Cho Hakkai (Saiyuki)
  • Bill Compton (True Blood)
  • Lilith (True Blood)
  • Frost (Blade)
  • La Magra (Blade)
  • Acnologia (Fairy Tail)


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