• Holokami

    Introduction to Psionics

    December 13, 2017 by Holokami

    [Still a WIP. Information is correct (but may change), but new information will be added as time goes on.]

    Psionics relates to the use of the mind only in order to manipulate, gain information about, and connect with the world and others around it. One who possess psionic abilities is broadly known as a “Psychic”. For reasons discussed later on, psionics can be described as an emergent property of a conscious population, which enhances the individuals of the population. Psionic abilities in all their aspects and forms, e.t.c., function via the mind. Psionics can be neatly described in four “schools”.

    • Manipulation, the ability to manipulate any aspect of the world and reality.
    • Information, the ability to gain any information desired.
    • Connection…

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  • AlphaTheHD


    Personal Data
    Epithet Mathew Dracos (new name)
    Matt (by his friends)
    Aura Golden Orange
    Alignment Neutral Good
    Race Human (Dragonblooded)
    Laterality Ambidextrous
    Gender Male
    Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
    Age 19
    Birthday June 23
    Birthplace ???
    Blood Type ???
    Relations Family: Unnamed father (deceased), Unnamed mother (alive)
    Close Friends: Alpha, Gwen, Tienna, Tarah
    Other: N.I.G.E.L. (A.I.), Omega (acquaintance)
    Likes ???
    Dislikes Prejudice & discrimination, unnecessary killing
    Professional Data
    Affiliation Drakomyr Clan (formerly)
    Alpha's Crew (currently)
    Occupation heir of the Dracomyr clan (formerly)
    Crew member (currently)
    Base of Operations N.I.G.E.L.
    Hair Color Charcoal
    Bright orange (under strong emotional stress)
    Hair Style long and messy
    Eye Co…

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  • Rhaven Quill

    Cambions(Rhaven Verse)

    December 10, 2017 by Rhaven Quill

    Cambions are those who have both the blood of a demon and the blood of a mortal, powered by sin they hold great power. The Cambions have existed throughout all of history history, however it was only on the year of 2040, that their existence was truly revealed to the world. The Seven Days of Sin many called, each day representing the appearance of Cambions who draw their power from a different Seven Deadly Sin.

    These Cambions favor their mortal heritage in contrast to their demonic one, as a result appearing just like any other mortal. These Cambions are the least affected by their demonic instincts, if at all. These Cambions tend to be the weakest in terms of raw power, however they are also considered the most versatile in their abilities…

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  • SlapsonSlaptastic


    December 24, 2017 by SlapsonSlaptastic

    What's cooler than being cool?

    your atoms immobolizing at the atomic level to the extent that they stop moving entirely and you end up shattering, of course


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  • Woodtoaster

    Api the Star Eater Sloth

    December 20, 2017 by Woodtoaster
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  • Bluemage1992


    December 20, 2017 by Bluemage1992

    Dragon Physiology

    Dragon God Physiology

    Werecat Physiology

    Werebeast Physiology

    Wererabbit Physiology

    Werepire Physiology

    Vaewolf Physiology

    Alpha Physiology

    Alpha Vaewolf Physiology

    Mystic Vampire Physiology

    Vampire Physiology

    Vampire Lord Physiology

    Mammalian Physiology

    Reptilian Physiology

    Amphibian Physiology

    Fish People Physiology

    Fish Physiology

    Shark Physiology

    Feline Physiology

    Canine Physiology

    ▪ Nick Jones - Procyonid Physiology. Nick is a thieving man and a descentant of the raccoon clan.

    ▪ Micheal sky - Feline Physiology. A human with abilites of Felines. Turns into a panther.

    Jerry Charge - Rhinoceros Physiology. A human with the ability of the Rhinoceros.

    ▪ Adam Rage - Bovine Physiology. A human with abilites of a Bull.

    ▪ Taylor Horn - Cervid Physio…

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  • Bluemage1992


    December 20, 2017 by Bluemage1992

    This world is full of humans/dragons,Aliens, etc, that had gained the ability to Mode Change, a superpower that assumes forms of incredible powers. Some are used by using powerful items, a genetic power or a certain action. They can transform into their forms by saying " Mode Change! " by using the Mode Spheres to transform into their alter egos.


    ▪ Berene - a 15 year old human girl that possesses the power of Aquatic Mode via, Aquatic Morph Sphere. His alter ego is Seamonger.

    ▪ Zate - a 16 year old human boy that possesses the power of Combat Mode. His alter ego is Blow.

    ▪ Zero - a 17 year old human boy that possesses the power of Weapon Mode. His alter ego is the Silverstone.

    ▪ Drake - a 15 year old Human male that possesses the pow…

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  • Ninjaboy14

    I was thinking, maybe someone could make a level system for the Demigod Physiology.


    None: Either has none of the powers from their godly parent or was blocked off

    Low: Has almost no power from their godly parent or failed to properly inherit the parent's power

    Med: Has the average amount of power a Demigod would have, either a bit lower, higher or just in the middle although they're still majority weaker than pure gods.

    High: Has a high amount of power as he's more power than most Demigods as their chances of being stronger than a pure god has a better chance now 

    Godlike: Has a great amount of power, as he would be one of the strongest Demigods around, if not the strongest as their capabilities are capable of reaching pure gods or even surp…

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  • Kekoa1996


    December 12, 2017 by Kekoa1996

    Alexandria The Goddess of Calamity

    Epithet Alexa
    Alignment What ever side Axel is on
    Race Demon
    Laterality Left
    Gender Female
    Age Unknown
    Birthday July 15
    Blood Type A positive
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Hell

    Occupation Bodygaurd
    Base of Operations The side of Axel
    Family None
    Favorite Food Strawberries and Lolipops
    Hair Color Hot Pink
    Eye Color Red
    Height 5'2
    Weight 152Lbs
    Power Darkness Manipulation
    Hobbies Judging everyone
    Forte in sports None (Finds them a waste of time)
    Weapon Shadows
    Fighting style Ruthless, Destructive

    Sound of Madness - Shinedown

    Insert Character's name here

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  • Rhaven Quill

    Nephilim(Rhaven Verse)

    December 10, 2017 by Rhaven Quill

    Nephilim are angels who have been reborn after mortals, with most if not all of them having their past lives memories and abilities sealed. It wasn't until the year 2070, that they awakened as a result of a great battle which took place in the world. Nephilim draw their power from a different Seven Heavenly Virtue.

    ‘Mortal’ Form Nephilim are those who retain their human body tending to be the most human out of the three. ‘Mortal’ Nephilim typically consist of former Angels, Archangels and Principalities basically those belonging to the third sphere of the angel hierarchy.

    ‘Balanced’ Nephilim are those who while still ‘human’ so to speak, typically possesses traits which would fit mankind's current view of angels, such as wings or …

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