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    If superhumans suddenly appeared in the world how would you react. Would you trust and accept them or do you think that they should be locked away or destroyed?

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    Jedi Legacy

    Latest News!

    January 27, 2014 by Jedi Legacy

    I have good news, everyone!  My books have gained a considerable amount of coverage lately.

    The following link is about an article about me in the Orange County Register Newspaper:

    The following link is about an interview I did that ended up on Del Rey Books' website:

    The following link is about when I was a guest on a national autism awareness webcast called Autism Live:

    If you have any questions, please let me know . . . 

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    Control on All 4 Elements

    February 6, 2014 by Sumeet007

    I have studied on many sites that human can control all 4 elements, but no one is there to tell how.

    OR may be it's not feasible to do that and all these are rumors... :(

    But i will never leave the hope.....Surely there will be a way to control on elements.

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    Can I do this?

    January 22, 2014 by Ultidude

    I'm working on my own comic company with a range of heroes with Variying powers and abilites, would I be able to add them to the "Known Users" section on the wiki? I've already sold coppies of some issues to my friends, so can I add them?

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    Meta summoning

    March 4, 2014 by TheRavageBeast

    i think someone should make a meta summoning gallery page

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    Human Perspective/Point of View Intuition

    Power/Ability to: To know the perspective and point of view of humans/to be able to understand the perspective and point of view of human beings

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    Solo Comics Wiki

    February 19, 2014 by Grudge25

    Are you a fan of comic books? Have you ever wanted to create your own villains or heroes? Now you can! I have created Solo Comics Wiki, a Wiki where anyone can tribute! The link is here: [[1]]. Know anyone who might be interested? Tell them about it! If interested remember to NOT edit other articles without permission from the original writer as it counts as Vandalism. Please Enjoy!

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    Elemental Solidification

    To be able to solidify all elements into solid form

    Power/Ability: To solidify the elements into solid form 

    Also Called:

    Elemental Solidify/Solidification

    Elemental Hardening 


    The user can be able to solidify all elements into solid properties. The user can be able to harden all the elements into nonbreakable/thick form of being in the state of solid. Once in the solid form/nonbreakable no one can break it/rip it or try to break it any way. 

    List of Elements to harden/nonbreakable in the solid form

    Air: The air molecules becomes solid and hard and thick 

    Earth: The earth molecules and the earth substances becomes solid and hard and thick and becomes nonbreakable

    Fire: ​The fire molecules and the fire substance…

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    It is hosted here:

    Please read and review.

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    A Living Person


    February 15, 2014 by A Living Person

    Well I made my first page edit and I dunno how well it went ^_^'

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