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  • Natsu Hearfilia

    Yamato Taketatsu

    August 22, 2015 by Natsu Hearfilia

    Yamato Taketatsu is the youngest daughter of the infamous Taketatsu Clan.

    Name: Yamato Taketatsu

    Titles: Magic Star Shooter, Princess Star and, Tsukihime

    Race: ???

    Gender: Female

    Eyes: Gold

    Hair: Dirty Blonde

    Birthday: October 23rd, 1402

    Age: 613

    Height: 155cm (5'1")

    Weight: 45kg (99.2 lbs)

    Blood Type: AB

    Three Sizes: 'Bust 69cm (56") (C Cup), Waist 56cm (22") and Hips 90cm (35")


    Favorite Foods: Rum Raisin Ice Cream

    Occupations: Idol Singer/Dojinshi

    Alignment: Blue And Orange Morality




    Values: Friends


    Dislikes: Spicy foods

    Despite her apparent age, Yamato is feisty, isn't afraid to speak her mind and do what it takes to get what she requires. She does not like to be treated like a child e.g. demanding an adult train ticket…

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  • Huffius

    Korr Character sheet

    August 22, 2015 by Huffius

    Name: Korr

    Other Aliases: The Technomancer

    Age: Young Adult

    Personality Traits: Strange, Dark, Morbid, Accepting, Booksmart

    Personal Quote: "This is gonna be fun!"

    Alignment: Insane

    Calling Card: Leaves a Dragon Mark somewhere near the corpse

    Allies/Associations: The Damned, The Children of The Moon, Emperor Huffius, 

    Weapons: Dual Swords | A Gun, not loaded 

    Powers: Most types of Magic, but none that can alter his lifespan, 4th Wall Awareness

    Unique Ability: Can enter Huffius's Pocket Dimension, if he knocks on the front door and claims to be a Pizza delivery man

    Attire: Time Wristwatch, Farseeing Goggles, Power Chain, Theatrics

    Weaknesses: Death, Cute Girls, His Swords breaking, His Power Chain being removed

    Short Bio: Korr is the leader of The Damne…

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  • Azrael, the King of Death


    After countless millennia of hard work and technological advancement, a new culture, a unified culture, now has total control over the entirety of the seven galaxies. Most of this power and territory was acquired through the nurturing of amicable relationships between alien civilizations. The United Intergalactic Kingdom was an effort started by Vallantro as a method to unify and reconcile several alien races under one flag.

    Branching Out:


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  • Яyker

    Sonner Cri

    August 22, 2015 by Яyker

    Superhero Name: Sonner Cri

    Alter Ego: Celestine Eva

    • Sound Manipulation
    • Enhanced Agility
    • Enhanced Reflexes
    • Enhanced Hearing
    • Superior Acrobatics
    • Temporary Flight

    Celestine Eva has the appearance of a 16 year old teen girl. She is 5'4", has tanned skin, long black hair, and blackish brown eyes. She wears a short white dress, along with a greyish silver hoodie over it, and wears either yellow high heels or running shoes.

    As Sonner Cri, she wears a blue and white skin-tight outfit with black details. This skin tight outfit allows her to perform many great acrobatic feats with ease. She also has a blue mask with a sort of crown like device over it to project her powers into a beam when necessary, and her outfit has some skin exposure.

    A normal 15 year old…

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  • GrandMethuselah67


    Name: Halfaerd Greenridge

    Aliases: The Unseen Hand, the Dreaded One, The Spectre of Death, The Darkwraith Asssassin, The Dishonored One, Son of the House Greenridge, Master Assassin, The Devil's Blade, The Raven, the Black Baron

    Age: 24

    Species: Half-Elf

    Classes: Rogue, Fighter, Ronin, Assassin

    Powers: Black Hand Techniques (Darkwraith Transformation, Teleportation, Soul Absorption), Shapeshifting, Ninja Magic, Chi Manipulation, The Eyes of Dahkshasa (Accelerated Perception, Mind Control, Possession)

    Abilities/Skills: Gadget Usage (Magitek), Ninjutsu, Flowmotion, Gun Kata, Flawless Coordination, Enhanced Assassination, Enhanced Thievery, Special Ops Mastery, Enhanced Swordsmanship, Enhanced Charisma

    Rune-Augmented Abilities: Magically Enhanced Ph…

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  • The Villainous Vulture

    Name: Lawrence Grey

    Aliases: Mr. Grey, Phantom, The Cardholder

    Age: 35

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Theme: Disturbed - Voices (Instrumental)

    Powers: Smoke Mimicry, Intangibility, Invisibility, Typhokinesis

    Motto: "Don't attack what you can't beat."

    Quotes: "There's two things I love, sitting in a bar late at night and chatting up people I'll never meet again and discussing our stories, and beating scum like you half to death."

    "I'm not a monster. You just say that because I scare you."

    "You don't really think I'm a one trick pony, do you?"

    Origin: Most of his early life is unknown, but what is known is that Lawrence always had the powers he has and discovered them when he went inside a burning building to save people. What he decided to do with those p…

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  • Huffius

    REDACTED Character sheet

    August 22, 2015 by Huffius

    Name: [REDACTED]

    Other Aliases: [DATA EXPUNGED]

    Age: As old as the Universe

    Occupation: Watcher of this Universe

    Powers: Omnipotence (Only known ability)

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  • The Villainous Vulture

    Name: Viktor (Surname Unknown)

    Aliases: That one guy who can't talk right, Demo

    Age: Unknown, believed to be mid-20's

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Leitmotif: Zirk - Russkaja

    Powers: Weapon Proficiency, "Fiction Syndrome", Volatile Constructs, Self-Detonation, Word Manifestation (In the form that he mumbles words that cannot be understood because of his gas mask and the words will physically appear beside him so people can understand his speech)

    Motto: "Let's have a party!"

    Quotes: N/A

    Origin: N/A

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  • The Villainous Vulture

    Name: Davurcal (Formerly David Callaghan)

    Aliases: The Consumer, Father of Blood, The Second, David Callaghan, Dante Saxton, James Weaver

    Age: Indeterminate

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Leitmotif: The Night - Disturbed

    Powers: Pyrokinesis, Umbrakinesis, Osteokinesis

    Abilities: Possession, Summoning, Teleportation, Immortality

    Motto: "Let every villain shake hands with himself." (A reference to the final words of John Jenkins)

    Quotes: "Money is power. Knowledge is power. Might is power. Power is infinate. Humans don't realize anything is power if they make it so."

    "You know it really bugs me when people summon me without warning first. I was enjoying a nap."


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  • Huffius

    Barnabus Character sheet

    August 23, 2015 by Huffius

    Name: Barnabus

    Other Aliases: Emperor Huffius's Emergency Defense Droid, The Robot

    Race: Robotic

    Powers: See 'Useful Information', Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Survivability, Projectile Deflection/Absorption, Teleportation, EMP Immunity, Impale, Hibernation

    Personal Quote: "He's basically a robot Superman, but he will ONLY listen to me." -Emperor Huffius

    Short Bio: Barnabus was created by Emperor Huffius to protect him from anything that can threaten his life. He is stored in a vault underneath The Manor, and can only leave when he detects Emperor Huffius's life fading. He will then Teleport 30 feet away from Emperor Huffius, and immediately target the attacker. Barnabus will attack until Emperor Huffius is no longer in danger, and will prioritz…

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