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    As the title says, this blog is to talk about what powers you would have to compensate for three disadvantages about yourself as you are in real life.

    So talk about three disadvantages about yourself and take a pound that will aid you in those areas.



    1. I have trouble remembering things such as what people's names are, what they say, or leaving things where I can't find them.

    Power: Enhanced Memory

    2. I have a hard time socializing with others.

    Power: Social Magnetism

    3. I sometimes make mistakes that many people don't easily make.

    Power: Error Reparation

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    Death horseman94

    Ok so you see a lot of these blog posts appearing asking about what powers you would have in real life or whatever. They always say things like no omnipotent or transcendent powers. Well this blog is different.

    Pick any amount of powers then explain what you would do with them. Omnipotence is allowed AS LONG as you tell me what you would do with it.

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    Your Character

    June 30, 2014 by Emelas

    I saw other blog say "hero or Villain", "the power you like most" and things like that, sooooo now I ask to all the people to create a "complete" character there are only a rule and 2 limit; the only rule is follow this pattern

    NAME: name, surname and/or nickname (write the nickname between "...")

    UNIVERSE: write "original" for your own reality or the name of the reality like "X-MEN", "DRAGON BALL", etc.

    POWER/ABILITY: the power you want

    PHYSIOLOGY: add this if you have a particular physiology

    ALIGNMENT: choice hero, neutral or villain

    BACKGROUND: optional

    the limit are:

    1) each character can have max 2 power, 2 ability or 1 power and 1 ability

    2) all meta/omni power and similar are prohibited because I don't like "easy win" or as they say in my co…

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    Blaze star kazaku

    sorry if about this if its annoying but i kinda need help on this manga im making and i can't yet find powers to suit these names please help 

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    In the next few weeks, it's possible the number of pages on this wiki will go up to the 5000 mark.

    I bet the 5000th page will have something to do with:

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    Villain Physiology

    Enemy Physiology

    Power/Ability: To become evil and to become the dark side

    Killer Physiology:

    Kidnapper Physiology: The user can become an kidnapper and he can kidnap boys not females

    Serial Killer Physiology: The user can become an serial killer and he can kill boys

    Stranger Physiology: The user can become a stranger and he knows all the info of all boys and he can take the boys away

    Stalker Physiology: The user can become a stalker and he can stalk boys not females

    Abductor Physiology: The user can become a abductor and he takes boys away 

    Poacher Physiology: The user can become a poacher and he poaches boys 

    Butcher Physiology: The user can become a butcher and he can butcher boys 

    Dark Surgeon Physiology: The user can become a …

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    Different Empowerment

    Feeling different

    Power/Ability to: feel/be different 

    Capabilities: The user can feel/be different to other people. The user will feel being alone and the user can feel the effect of being alone away from other people. The user can go in a state or phase of being alone and to feel the effect of loneliness.The user is going to feel like being blocked away and not be able to be with other people. 



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    Savage M

    Omega Physiology

    June 7, 2014 by Savage M

    Omega Physiology This power is awesome and it is what I been looking for. A great evil coming to the earth to seek destruction and domination, would the best name to call them be The Primordial Sentinals or The Divine Inharmony

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    Mass Theft

    July 12, 2014 by Jeremiahdiskint

    Mass Theft

    Power/Ability to: Absorb mass of people's mass and their density in the body of the user


    the user can be able to absorb/steal peoples mass and density and in the user's body for the user's mass, strength, density in the user's body.


    Time theft

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    BIg News

    June 24, 2014 by Jon825lazery7

    I'm graduating high school tomorrow!

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