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  • The Villainous Vulture

    Name: Hermann Fegelein

    Aliases: Fegelarse, The Master of Antics, Himmler's Protégé, Troll of the Bunker, The Fegimal, The Opportunist, The Accursed, Fegel-Conda, The Asshole in the Bunker, Fegel-Menace

    Age: 38

    Species: Human

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Theme: Adolf Hitler - Fegel-Conda

    Powers: Immortal Antic, Antic Pulling, Trickster, Loyalty (To the Antic Order)

    Motto: "Antics are the way to go."

    Quotes: "Break my controller and I'll shove a firecracker up your ass."

    "No! What do I look like to you, a taco genie?"

    "Now everyone, give it up for our first musician of the night... RICK ASTLEY!"

    Origin: Fegelein was your typical SS officer throughout most of World War Two. However, once Hitler and his posse were forced into the bunker, Fegelein revealed his tru…

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  • Imouto-tan

    Sigma (K)

    November 14, 2015 by Imouto-tan

    Sigma (K) 

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  • The Villainous Vulture

    Name: Naryonak

    Aliases: Jason Barnes, Luck Veras, The King of Chaos, The Happy Immortal, Distributor of Chaos

    Age: Eternal

    Species: Unknown

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Theme: Cantina Band Remix

    Powers: Chaos Master, Chaotic Affinity, Chaos Control, Diver Force, Omnifarious, Absolute Immortality, Trickster, Customaking, Reality Warping, Chocolate Beam

    Motto: "Let's brighten up life a bit."

    Quotes: "Oh come on, don't be so boring! No one is really getting hurt here! I'm just trying to liven up the party!"

    "What is the world without chaos? I'll tell ya, it's boring. All work, all rules, all boxed in and such. Ya know what a world without chaos was? Nazi Germany. So stop being a fascist and learn to live a little, ya freakin' Nazi!"

    "So, how's that whole "o…

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  • The Villainous Vulture

    Name: Edwin Gerald Clyde Jr.

    Aliases: Forger, Red Eddie, Batter, The Trucker, Gunsling

    Age: 28

    Species: Meta-Human

    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    Theme: Theory of a Deadman - Villain

    Powers: Sight Replication (Microwave Generation, Cryokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Volatile Constructs, Heliokinesis, Power Reversal, Vitality Absorption, Teleportation, Flight, Inanimation, Kinetic Charging, Preflex, Silencer, Conditioned, Black Hole Creation, Cloaking, Malleability, Age Shifting)

    Motto: "You're about to have a real bad day."

    Quotes: "

    Origin: Edwin Clyde was exceptionally bright in his family, despite his lack of good education. Being raised in La Capilla, Texas, he was raised in a very strict and religious household. Edwin's personality, however, was very skeptical, cau…

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  • Korr, the technomancer


    November 15, 2015 by Korr, the technomancer

    Name: James

    Other Aliases: Rorking, Korr #1

    Age: Young Adult

    Personality Traits: Weird, Crazy, Strange, Loveable

    Personal Quotes: Allons-y, Scheiße, Allrighty then, 

    Theme Song: :)

    alignment: lawful good

    Calling Card: Mt.Dew bottle with the konami code carved into it.

    Weapons: Walking Canes, Umbrella, Knifes, Pool Noodles, 

    Powers: Will Empowerment, Insanity Empowerment, Voice Manipulation, Drink Empowerment, Robot Creation, Music Empowerment

    Unique Ability: Dance Combat

    Weaknesses: Cute Girls, Spiders, Bad Games, Puppys, Moles.

    Attire: Causal clothing: T-shirts, Jeans, tennis shoes, Hoodies, Baseball Caps, Wrist-Watch, 

    Bio: Born in the year 1998 in a suburb of detroit, James was a very happy kid. In the year 2006, James discoverd a weird online site called: yo…

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  • Emperor Huffius

    Name: Marty Placebo

    Other Aliases: The Anomaly, Commander Immunity/Commander Immortal

    Age: Unknown

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Theme: FNAF - Sprung The Springtrap

    Personal Quote: "Believe me, your guess is as good as mine as to how I ended up this way. I don't even know what I did, but I'll take it. Not being able to die permanently is pretty neat."

    Powers: External Nervous-System, Fateless But Fated, Darkest/Finest Hour, Reactive Adaptation, [TEXT NOT FOUND], Telekinesis Immunity, Healing Factor Nullification/Invulnerability Negation, Mysterious Substance, Telepathy, Supernatural Senses, Forevermore, Memorable Occasion, Double Dink Maneuver, Stealth'd, Blinded Eyes

    Unique Ability: Marty was given the ability to recover and revive from any damage, re…

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  • Canine-of-change

    O.K. out of all the energies one can sense with Energy Detection, which one do you guys would be best to sense: aural, spiritual, magical, physical, electromagnetic, psionic, mana, or some kind of supernatural one that would be responsible for the user's Supernatural  Powers and Abilities (ex. Chakra from the Naruto universe)?

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  • Azrael, the King of Death

    Name: Mikhail Romanov

    Aliases: The White King, Master, The Navy Spectre,


    Species: Metahuman

    Occupation: Information Broker, Informant, Manager of the Paragons, Crime Lord, Leading Expert on Metahumans and Superpowers

    Affiliations: The Paragons, The Red Snow gang, The UN

    Power: Remaking

    Abilities: Mindshifting, Panmnesia, Body Supremacy, Supernatural Condition, Tactical Analysis, Power Anchoring/Power Immunity


    Motto: "Nothing in life is free."


    "Do you remember that terrorist group, The Federation Against The World Order? How the governments of the world were scrambling to find them after their attacks on major capitals of the world, yet their efforts were fruitless? But then, by some miracle, some divine stroke of luck, t…

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  • Emperor Huffius

    Name: Maelfarous

    Other Aliases: The Red King, King Maelfarous, The King of Hell

    Age: Eternal

    Alignment: Lawful Evil


    Personal Quote: "Welcome to Hell, traveller."

    Powers: Crown of Etinity, Truly Evil, Digi-God

    Unique Ability: Maelfarous is the King of Hell.

    Origin: Maelfarous is the appointed King of Hell. He is a Digi-God, and one of the absolute strongest ones in existence.

    Maelfarous is OP... as Hell.

    The only abilities he lacks are the ones that make him fully Omnipotent.

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  • Emperor Huffius

    The Supreme Warmind of Ambroshya, more commonly known as The Supreme Hive Mind of Ambroshya, is a sentient machine connecting the minds of all the citizens of Ambroshya into one, awe-inducing consciousness. It behaves exactly as you would expect a normal AI would. This CS is unique because The Supreme Warmind is not exactly able to fit in a normal CS.

    Other Aliases: The Supreme Hive Mind of Ambroshya, The God-Machine, The Ultimate War General, The Oracle of The Omniverse

    Theme: Around The World

    Personal Quote: "Hello human. Please remain still during the assimilation process. Welcome to The Hive Mind, citizen."

    Primary Functions: Mind Hive, Absolute Intellect, God-Machine, Ambroshyan, Negotiation, Omni-Processors, Tomorrow is a New Day


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