• Cursed warrior 343


    Absolute Wisdom / Intelligence

    Tacitical Genius

    Ability Intuition

    Peak Human Condition

    Psychological intuition Intuitive Aptitude

    Lastius Cerbex is the secret arch-nemesis of Nex . Lastius was the  firstborn of a royal family of magicians known for their terrifying power and was set to be the heir of his fathers world. But upon the coming of age he discovered that he had a rare curse that made his body devoid of magical energy. This meant he could no longer enhance his body through magical means. Because of that the younger son became the heir and Lastius was treated as the black sheep of the family. Outraged he left his family swearing revenge and threatening to take over the kingdom someday.

    But even he knew that such a plan would be mo…

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  • GodOfNerds

    Worm Fanon

    August 10, 2017 by GodOfNerds


    Epithet  Inspired Inventor,
    Alignment Chaotic Good,
    Laterality Right Handed,
    Personal Data
    Species [Parahuman]
    Eye Color Dark Blue
    Hair Color Dirty Blond
    Height 188 cm
    Weight 96 kg

    Two beings spiral through the void, past stars, and worlds. They dance through realities, shifting through other times, other dimensions. Countless facets that fuse, part, and shift as they journey. Approaching a worl they shatter. Shards falling into millions of alternate worlds to roots. Reaching out across the boundaries of dimensions they bond, empowering those they find. Those at their lowest. People who will fight, suffer, and strive, and in doing so drive the entities own evolution. But unlike the cycles before this something has gone wrong. a single mi…

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  • X2laws

    Character Sheet

    August 9, 2017 by X2laws




    Interaction God

    Alignment Neutral
    Race Transcendent Human 
    Laterality Ambidextrous
    Gender Male
    Age Unaging
    Birthday ???
    Blood Type B+
    Personal Data
    Birthplace ???
    Affiliation Himself
    Occupation Aimless Wanderer
    Base of Operations Pocket Dimension
    Family ???
    Favorite Food Steak
    Hair Color Blonde
    Eye Color Red
    Height 5'9 ft
    Weight 154 lbs
    Power Potentiality Lordship
    Hobbies ???
    Forte in sports ???
    Weapon ???
    Fighting style ???

    Ian Hill is a powerful transcendent being who decided to live following a set of self-imposed rules to keep himself entertained.

    Ian was born in Geneva, Ontario. He lived a normal life until he was 6, that was he started manifesting his powers for no apparent reason, showing innate control over his new found abil…

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  • RoyalGuard-Elite


    August 2, 2017 by RoyalGuard-Elite


    Basic Info
    Alias The Calamity
    Race Xarian
    Gender Female
    Age Unknown

    Calamira is a "freedom fighter" that desires universal peace and equality for all beings in the multiverse. Her method of attaining these goals puts her at odds with the M.P.A.

    Calamira was born Karliah Mirai on the planet Xara. She was a warrior and celebrated hunter among her people. Xara was a rather primitive planet. Its society was still developing and did not have much in the way of accomplishments. However Xara's place in the cosmos was special. It was situated right next to an anomaly in space time. This anomaly allowed a being who was normally well beyond the cares and worries of the multiverse a key hole of sorts to look through. This being saw much through this …

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  • RoyalGuard-Elite
    M.P.A Headquarters

    The Multiverse Protection Agency or M.P.A for short is an organization whose mission is to shield and patrol the multiverse.

    The Multiverse protection agency has been around since the beginnings of the multiverse. It was originally founded by an unknown primordial race who noticed the ever growing problems the multiverse was having. In its very beginnings the multiverse was a chaotic place. Races that were still blossoming often found themselves facing extinction or enslavement at the hands of more advanced ones. Inter-Universal travel was a lot easier at the beginning because of the still fluctuating space-time continuum. This meant that universes who came into existence early after the arrival of the Genesis Code had a l…

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    August 2, 2017 by THEJJRAT

    Spaghettitopia is a pocket dimension created by creator of the omniverse and Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris.

    Spaghettitopia was created by God after he threw a taco at the floor. He decided to make it a sandbox for the Gods, where they can dick around and practice being Gods. He entered the dimension and shat out a giant egg onto the surface of the dimension, which he then roundhouse kicked. This caused it to hatch, and various species crawled out of the shattered eggshell and inhabited the lands. He then traveled a thousand years into the future because he doesn't want to watch a bunch of primitive lifeforms form a society. 

    When Chuck had placed these in the dimension, he had anticipated that they were to be hunted for food. What civilized soci…

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  • Imouto-tan

    Jun Fukushi

    August 1, 2017 by Imouto-tan


    Epithet Dating Sim
    Alignment Lawful Good
    Race Human (Jewel)
    laterality Left
    Gender Female
    Age 18
    Birthday October 10
    Blood Type O+
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Tohoku, Japan
    Affiliation Destiny Military Academy
    Occupation Wizard Saint

    Student Body President for D.M.A

    Base of Operations Tawawa's Cafe
    Family Doctor Fukushi
    Hair Color Dark Brown
    Eye Color Amber
    Height 170cm (5'7")
    Weight 59kg (130 lbs)
    Bust 93cm (37")
    Cup 34C
    Bust Volume Undisclosed
    Waist 61cm (25")
    Hips 99cm (39")
    Hobbies Playing Sports
    Favorite Food Crêpes
    Favorite Subject Physical Education, but she enjoys pretty much every class
    Weakest Subject Home Economics
    Dislikes Japanese Horror stories
    Charm Point Hips
    Weak Points Breasts and Back
    Unusual Feature Is really busty for an Asian
    Fighting S…

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    August 1, 2017 by N3ONGOLD

    Sengoku Senso


    Alignment Chaotic Good
    Race Human
    Laterality Ambidextrous
    Gender Female
    Age 17
    Birthday December 30
    Blood Type O+
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Somewhere in the counrty of Aurum
    Affiliation Avila Toa Academy
    Occupation Toa- Rank Deshi
    Base of Operations Avila

    Sento- Birth mother

    Unnamed father

    Kirin- Adopted Mother

    Favorite Food All food is her favorite, but meat dishes are prefered
    Hair Color Black
    Eye Color Yellow
    Height 152cm (5')?
    Weight 110
    Power Lightning Based Abilities
    Hobbies Eating, Training
    Weapon Tanto Sword
    Fighting style Taekwondo, Mixed Martial Arts

    Sengoku Senso

    Sengoku was born in an unknown village in the country of Aurum. Her father died before she was born and her mother, Sento died shortly after she wa…

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  • Woodtoaster

    Alina Karisa

    July 30, 2017 by Woodtoaster


    Epithet Undefinable Monster
    Alignment Lawful Good
    Race Eldritch Android
    Laterality Variable
    Gender Physically female
    Age 1 year
    Birthday 25th december
    Blood Type 0-
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Transcendent Connection
    Affiliation Monsters
    Occupation Bodyguard
    Base of Operations Immaculate World
    Family None
    Favorite Food Spicy food
    Hair Color Fuchsia
    Eye Color Green
    Height 1'65 m
    Weight 51 Kg
    Power Unlimited Affinity Refining
    Hobbies Unknown
    Forte in sports Gymnastics
    Weapon Cosmic Blades
    Fighting style Unique

    Fairy Tales

    Alina Karisa is an eldritch android who transcended both normal android and human limitations, becoming a new type of existence.

    Unlike both androids and most transcendent beings, Alina started acting more like a human after she tr…

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