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  • GodOfNerds

    Character Sheet XXIII

    December 16, 2014 by GodOfNerds

    Name:Thomas "Tap" Redmond



    Alignment:Lawful Neutral,


    Motto:A Yes Is A Yes, A No Is A No, But A Maybe Is Anything You Want It To Be.

    Quotes: "The Code Of Reality Needs Maintenance Just Like Any Other Code, But Sometimes An Update Comes Along And Changes Anything The Coder Wants."


    Likes:Coding,The Flash,

    Dislikes:Haters,His Boss,




    Talents:Coding,Technopathy,Computer Interaction,Programming,Business Intuition,Complete Knowledge Of Coding,Programming,Computer And Technology History,

    Powers:Admin Permission,Data Update,Living Calculator,Strategic Mastermind,Efficiency Manipulation,Buffs,Ar…

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  • Sifsand

    Character sheet 21

    December 18, 2014 by Sifsand


    Aliases:The guardian



    Motto:"Beware my blade."

    Likes:Protecting her creator,chocolate

    dislikes:People putting her creator in danger

    Alignment:Lawful neutral

    Hobbies:Going on adventures with her creator

    Species:Imaginary friend

    Abilities:Becoming any element ,no bones ,living shadow ,becoming invisible and phase through anything ,sound bends to her will ,hell bends to her will ,wind bends to her will ,plants bend to her will ,tentacles from her back ,energy push ,boom ,bones are easy to break ,motherly ,her blood is in her control ,ice bends to her will ,her roar is deadly ,stronger than any human ,she heals ,she can use any weapon but prefers her spear ,her spear can heal ,she will never age


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  • Blackwings369

    Idea Sheet 3

    December 15, 2014 by Blackwings369

    Name: Clementine Pendragon

    Alias: White Princess

    Gender: Female

    Birthday: December 24th, 2025

    Height: 160cm

    Weight: 55kg

    Origin: London, United Kingdom

    Occupations: Archer, Corporation's Heir, Magician

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Motto: Peace and happiness for everyone

    Archetypes: The High Queen, Holy Child, Princess Classic

    Likes: Peace, Friends, Family

    Dislikes: Violence, Conflict

    Talents: Archery, Healing Magic


    "Can we live together in peace?"

    "I don't want to hurt anyone."

    "I don't like violence, but I will fight for the sake of everyone."

    Powers: Magic, White Arts, Wind Manipulation, Restoration, Enhanced Archery, Enhanced Marksmanship

    Abilities/Skills: Abjuration, Healing, Purification, Exorcism, Salvation, Sanctification, Strong Heart, Impurity Des…

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  • Sifsand

    Character sheet 20

    December 16, 2014 by Sifsand

    Name:Samael Flamerunner

    Aliases:Grand mage


    Occupation:Founder of the United Mages

    Motto:"What a wonder Magic is."

    Likes:Having fun,Performing magic

    Dislikes:Being annoyed

    Alignment:Chaotic good

    Hobbies:Writing in his book

    Species:Homo Magi

    Abilities:Knows magic of the highest calibur,will never truly die,thinking outside the box,Magic is a mysterious beholder,his dark witch cloak

    Interests:Changing shape for his own amusement

    Origin:He was the son of a blacksmith,one night he saw a comet sail in the sky and wished upon it,his wish to be a magician.In response to his wish,a feather floated down to him from the heavens and such his potential had been unlocked.He worked hard in his fathers forge,smelting iron into various shapes and g…

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  • Azrael, the King of Death

    Name: David Griffith

    Power(s): Author Authority

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral; when happy 

    Chaotic Evil; when angry

    None; when feeling detached

    Motto: "Life is a book waiting to be written."

    Quote(s): "This omniverse is my playground and all of you are my playthings."

    "All that you know is apart of my empire and I am it's emperor. And I will fiddle, when it burns"

    "Your very actions up to this point have been written and orchestrated by me. Now, it is time for you to write."

    "In here, I can do anything and everything. In here, I'm everywhere and nowhere. In here, I know all and see all. Out there, I am nothing."

    Occupations: Creator of the Deathverse, He Who is Unknown, "God", "The Destroyer", The True Alpha and Omega

    Origin Story:

    David Griffith's existe…

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  • Caydeb

    Hello again guys, welcome to my blog, and thanks for being a part of the SUPERPOWERwiki. I know that I tend to ramble and rant on these things so I'm going to stick to the point here as best I can. Try to stay with me.

    I have been editing categories like crazy, and have been through thousands of pages, and there are thousands left to go. So I will give you a bulleted list of things I want to get accomplished.

    • Deleting anything Derogatory, Rude or Sexist
    • General Cleanup
    • Completely Remove All Duplicate Categories
      • Everything Except Category:Magical Powers and Category:Form of magic
      • Everything Except Category:Almighty Powers that includes omni in all its forms.
      • Everything except Category:Elemental Manipulation,Category:Elemental Mimicry and Category:…

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  • GodOfNerds

    Character Sheet XXV

    December 19, 2014 by GodOfNerds
















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  • Sifsand

    Character sheet 22

    December 19, 2014 by Sifsand

    Name:Telsaf Luce

    Aliases:Desert child



    Motto:"All will be said and done when I come along."



    Alignment:chaotic neutral

    Hobbies:Working on machines

    Species:Demon/shapeshifter hybrid

    Abilities:he is a technomancer,he is a demon,he can change between a human appearence and a large demon,immortal so long as any of his bones are fine

    Interests:Joining a guild

    Origin:Telsaf is the son of Sif,born illegitametly but loved nonethless.His Childhood was a strange one as Sif and Maia were often on adventures,leaving him to discover his own path.In addition to being the son of Sif his heritage allowed him control over technology,investing it into the life of a technomancer.One time during …

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  • Sifsand

    Character sheet 23

    December 19, 2014 by Sifsand





    Motto:"All that will be has been."


    Dislikes:Loud noises

    Alignment:Chaotic good



    Abilities:His hand allows control over energy,great with a sword,the sword called Nevermore,Nevermore likes energy

    Equipment:The sword nevermore which devours energy on contact with the blade,special armor which is 3x stronger than kevlar,mechanical right arm which allows control over physical energy

    Origin:Fenris was trained to be a soldier since he was a child,going through rigourous training without mercy which put his life at risk constantly.When his training had finished he had been put through war against a group of elves bent on taking over a territory.One m…

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  • GodOfNerds

    Character Sheet XXIV

    December 17, 2014 by GodOfNerds

    Name:Flash "Crash" Crashley (Self Chosen Lastname)



    Alignment:Chaotic Neutral,

    Occupitation:Nothing Special,

    Motto:I set the limit, nobody else

    Quotes: "I´m a son of a god."

    "I´m Flash?"



    Likes:The Flash,

    Dislikes:Almost Nothing,

    Hobbies:Create And Design Blueprints,

    Talents:Numerical Precision,Tireless Body,Perfect Intellect,

    Powers:Artificial Body,Artificial Physiology,Artificial Heart,Artificial Godhood,Complete Arsenal,Mathematics Master,

    Backstory:When Crash was created by his master he didnt know anything about this new world, nor who his master truly was, his master spoke a weird language unfamiliar to Crash. Master quickly understood that Crash didnt understand him, so Master…

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