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  • GrandMethuselah67

    Name: Ramses

    Aliases: The King in Red, the Golden One, The Son of God, The Benevolent Ruler, The Kindly Patriarch, God-King of the Universe, The Pyramidion

    Age: Unknown

    Species: Unknown (according to his people, he is of "divine" origin)

    Powers: Psionic Manipulation (Ultimate level Telekinesis, Ultimate level telepathy, Reality warping), Cosmic Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, Magic (Mathematics Manipulation, Remaking, Mathematical Error)

    Abilities/Skills: Living Anomaly, Social Magnetism, Unnatural Presence, Humanoid Abomination

    Alignment: Lawful Evil (Possibly Blue and Orange Morality)

    Affiliations: Himself, New Egypt, The Pyramid

    Motto: "Perfection lies in true nothingness."

    Quotes: "The stars were right when I was born. I have always know…

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  • Natsu Hearfilia

    Meigo Awatsuki

    July 23, 2015 by Natsu Hearfilia

    Meigo is the daughter of Awatsuki Renji and Awatsuki Suzu. She entered Shinozuka Academy in elementary age, and distinguished herself as a child prodigy, initially starting out as a Level 1 and climbing her way up to a Level 5 esper. This made her a perfect candidate for the Sisters Project, which held the intent of cloning her for military use. Meigo willingly gave a DNA sample to the researchers of the project after being told that it would help people who Suffer from muscular dystrophy, a fatal disease.

    She sports dark-bluish hair. Her bust size is large enough for most girls to be jealous over, though it is not larger than Shura's. Her eyes are also blue-violet colored, however, one notable feature of her eyes is that it has a starry de…

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  • Azrael, the King of Death

    Name: Taylor Matthews

    Age: 28

    Aliases: Star Centurion, Savior of the Stars, Vessel of the Guardian, Avatar of the Cosmos, Protector of the Universe

    Occupations:  Guardian of the Universe, Superhero, Member of the League of Heroes

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Powers: Cosmic Symbiosis with the Guardian (Planetary-level Cosmic Manipulation, Cosmic Energy Manipulation, Cosmic Constructs, Supernatural Condition)

    Abilities: Cosmic Awareness/Accelerated Probability, Heat Vision,  Hyperspace Travel, Supernatural Detection, Self-Sustenance,  Xenolingualism


    Motto: "I will adhere to the ideals of Truth and Justice"


    "You see, Aiden, that's the problem with people like you. Sociopaths who think they can control everything like a puppeteer does a puppe…

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  • Predacon Blazer

    Name: Draconix

    Alias: The Creator of Everything, The Master, The True God,

    Alignment: Omnibenevolent Good

    Gender: Male

    Species: Elementurian

    Likes: Respectable People, Friendly and Kind people, Art, Success, Writing, Any type of Martial Art

    Dislikes: People who annoy him, Failure, Cultists, Rude and Mean People,

    Motto: "Power is only wielded by those who are worthy of it, not those who want it badly."

    Age: Unknown

    Skills/Abilities: Enhanced Swordsmanship, Martial Arts Intuition, Enhanced Strength,

    Powers: Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnificence, Absolute Attack, Absolute Immortality

    Childhood- During his childhood, Draconix was a normal child who lived an average life. His life changed when one day at his school, there was a intruder who was sp…

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  • SegatishScold

    Basically, the purpose of the gang is to help the world and people who are somewhat super-human and have lost their way since they got their powers, due to the criticisms and judgement they have been induced with. This Gang also teaches people that they may be different, but they are still the same. Meaning, they may have abilities, but still are human and need to be treated with respect and kindness.

    They still have humanity inside them, they are just homo superior, someone with abilities but still have their humanity. It was very hard to overcome the judgment from other with the members, however they pulled through and later on, decided to help others.

    So, basically they are good rebels, ones who stand out on their own in a good way. Howev…

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  • The Omnipotent One

    Name: Sebastian Griffin

    Alias: Ace

    Age: 28

    Birthday: December 25th

    Quotes: "Oh, I'm so happy. Oh, happy that lucky me."

    "I'm lucky. What else to say?"

    Likes: Casino, bartending, comic books

    Dislikes: Traitors, hip hop and rap

    Alignment: Good

    Species: Gifted human

    Powers: "Ace" (Hypercompetence, Luck, Badassery)

    Abilities: Enhanced Physical Condition, Reduced Healing Time, Longevity, 

    Description: Sebastian is fairly high man, often wearing black coat with golden tie. He has brown, moderately long hair and elegant stubble.

    He is bartender in casino. If he has time, he plays in that casino, often winning lot of money.

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  • Predacon Blazer

    Species Name: Elementurians

    Aliases: The True Deites, The Creators, The Masters, The Elemantal Ones, True Gods of Power, The Unstoppable Ones (referred to by hostile civilizations who fear them), The Dimension/Realm Keepers, The Sacred Gods, Masters of the Supernatural and Psychic, The Protectors (referred by those who were saved and allied with them), The Grand Leaders,

    Home: The Center of the Universe (Actual Location covered up by the All governments and kept in Area 51)

    Age: N/A

    Allies: The Arcturians, Gods of Olympus, other Friendly Alien Civilizations

    Enemies: The Great Old Ones, The Devil, Anti-Gods, Demons, Cursed Souls, Hostile Aliens Civilizations

    Power is only wielded by those who are worthy of it, not those who want it badly - Draco…

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  • Derpfish

    This small biography was found in an abandoned hut near the edge of a forest in South Carolina, it is unclear who lived there, but a rifle identified as a Cheytac .408 was also found inside along with a tattered picture of a young man with an X across it, written with what seems to be blood.

    I provided ground-based overwatch in the United States Air Force, I had been in the service for almost three years now. I'm not sure what first motivated me to join, but I was always a crack shot with a rifle. I was always hunting with my dad in my younger years, back then it didn't matter that I was killing. They were just animals.

    I ended up shooting my dad on one of those hunting trips, it was an accident. But the courts didn't see it that way. I had …

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  • Natsu Hearfilia


    July 23, 2015 by Natsu Hearfilia
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  • Ironindri

    A being who's life has no beginning or end, Owen is the most evil and destructive being in all of creation hell belt on destroying anything for his own amusement with absolutely no regard whatsoever.

    He is unpredictable, egotistical, disrespectful, calculating and refuses to align himself with anyone else.

    Captain Pollution’s hair style only black, Chris Jericho’s goatee only black, T-800’s jacket and trousers from Terminator 2, black combat boots, black leather gloves, black t-shirt, black leather belt with a 69 belt buckle that has living fire effects and a demonic voice.

    Transendence: Owen exists outside of everything, thus he is immune to everything.

    Destruction: Owen possesses every destrustive power at the highest levels.

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