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  • Cursed warrior 343


    Curse Manipulation (all applications )

    Cursed Body

    Cursed Resurrection

    Special Move: Cursed Slash

    Supernatural Swordsmanship

    Cursed Armor


    Disclaimer: I only made this character for fun. Not to look arrogant

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  • Cursed warrior 343


    May 23, 2017 by Cursed warrior 343


    Foreign Energy Manipulation (CAPABLE of all applications)

    Foreign Material Manipulation (the condition for Foreign Energy Manipulation also applies to Foreign Material Manipulation)

    Bestowed Immortality  

    Accidental Prime Evolutionary

    Base Supernatural Condition (Expert Level)

    Backstory: Kormus is an extra dimensional being who happens to be the last of his kind. Millions of years ago there lived a universe called Zaeger and on it the dominant form of life, Zaegerians, were much like humans in terms of background. Their technology operated completely different from human technology but they were on the same level with humans... Except with one difference, They were not attacked but threatened by destruction-loving beings in the omniverse…

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  • Holokami

    [Still a Work in Progress!]


    Personal Information

    Eternal Priestess








    48 (As of 2016)


    4th September 1968


    Takayama, Japan

    Ethnic Origin

    Japanese Asian

    Sexual Orientation





    Shinto, Astara

    Professional Information




    The Shepherds


    Ono Miko

    High Priestess of Astrala

    Base of Operations

    Ono Shrine

    Extra Information

    Lawful Good


    Akane Ono (Daughter - Alive)

    Nozomi Ono (Daughter - Alive)


    Archery, kendo, reading, swimming

    Hair Color


    Hair Style

    Very long, straight

    Eye Color



    162.6cm (5’4”)

    Powers and Abilities

    Clear Mind

    Combat Perception/Tactical Analysis

    Detail Intuition

    Enhanced Condition/Sup…

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  • Holokami

    Just as a helpful aid to those new to roleplaying, or those still feeling inexperienced, I’d like to give you some hints, tips, and guidelines to remember, based on my experiences, so you can either learn how to, or be assured you’re heading in the right direction.

    First and foremost, do not godmod!

    "Godmodding" doesn’t refer to characters having reality warping, or powers even more absurd. Godmodding is posting a response in an rp that decides what another character does, or gives them no chance to react.

    Examples of godmodding:

    -"My character ties your character to a post, leaving them vulnerable."

    -"My character punches your characters face, dealing tons of damage."

    No matter how powerful your character, even if you know your character can comp…

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  • A Super One

    Andrew Page

    May 23, 2017 by A Super One

    Name:  Andrew Page

    Background:  Andrew was a lab assistant in a project to give people superpowers.  There was an explosion and Andrew was trapped in the lab.  He was pounding on the metal door to get out, and suddenly punched through the metal.

    Andrew discovered he was now strong enough to easily lift cars.  He has yet to discover his real power.

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  • Nickthebrick1

    "Some people don't deserve saving"

    ---- jasper

    Jasper is an Elemental, a subspecies of human thats has been hated and hunted all over the world. Elementals can control a particular matter,energy, or thing. Jasper's element is video.

    (in case your wondering, this world is based of the evil ending of Infamous: Second Son)

    (and Elementals are based on Conduits from Infamous; Second Son)


    Jasper was a college student who was studing in the field of Computer Engineering, his life was changed when his video powers activated and was sent to Loraine Beach; a special prison of the coast of hawaii designed for imprisoning Elementals. he spent 2 years in Loraine Beach, get experimented on, insulted, and abused. They pushed jasper to the limit whe…

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  • Holokami

    Hierarchy of Power

    May 22, 2017 by Holokami


    In the Lumiverse, there are multiple "levels" of power that form a distinct hierarchy. This Hierarchy can be split into two distinct sections, base psionics, such as telepathy and telekinesis, and then advanced psionics, of which reality warping is standard. Advance psionics by nature is always more powerful than base psionics.

    Any being without any psionic potential or power.

    Any being with psionic potential or power.

    Any beings with high intelligence, and psionic power which can affect multiple cities at once, and/or can use their power with a high level of skill.

    Any beings with high - very high intelligence, and psionic power which can affect multiple countries at once, and/or can use their power with a masterful level of skill.

    Any be…

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  • Cursed warrior 343


    May 22, 2017 by Cursed warrior 343

    Real Name: Thomas (last name unknown)


    Experience Manipulation (all applications )

    Skill Adaptation

    Attribute Manipulation

    Attribute Replication

    Fear inducement

    Status Manipulation

    Backstory: AZURATH knew Kells but was never really a good friend of him. But when he found out what became of Kells' son in the future even he felt sorry for the human warrior. In the near future Kells' son Thomas would develop a rare cancer and would have to be hospitalized. Now young Thomas' father ,Kells, was a great father but was rarly at home because of his crimefighting part of his life. This unintentionally caused Thomas to have doubts about his father's care for him, although they were little more than thoughts. But when Thomas developed said rare cancer…

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  • RandomDude000


    May 22, 2017 by RandomDude000

    Name: Omnion

    Race: Human

    Gender: Male

    Height: 152 cm

    Power: Apotence (Power that cannot be define or overcome by anything like patapotence ,all forms of infinity+where infinity meets his end  ,illogical ,beyond the beyond ,indeterminacy, etc...)

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  • CosmicElite7813

    Yes, my username is related to the character but doesn't matter for now. Cosmic Elite is a work in progress superhero, a series of stories or chapters is being made by myself. So far the character's name is Anthony Gonzalez, an 18-year-old boy that is pulled into an another world, accidentally manages to get a cosmic or spiritual symbiosis (still figuring out which one makes more sense) inside himself. I wasn't very creative at the time naming the symbiosis so I just got "Cosmic", yes I know stupid but hey if can't think of a complex meaningful name then go for simple meaningful one. Note: This part will be a bit carried away. The abilities are kinda of dynamic right, so far they're Creation, Energy absorption Fire manipulation(Blue color),…

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