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  • Sifsand

    Character sheet 39

    March 18, 2015 by Sifsand


    Aliases:the red walker

    Age:1 month

    Alignment:Chaotic evil


    Catch Phrase:"Looks like I have won,now you're it."





    Dislikes:anti-virus softwares

    Hobbies:travelling mediums

    Abilities:Computer Virus Physiology,Data Manipulation ,Fatal Countenance

    Defects:Unable to manifest in the physical world

    Backstory:A group of terrorists bent on destroying the cyber world, so that society would collapse in on itself, went to create a virus to achieve this goal. Unfortunately for them, they succeeded.They succeeded too well in fact. The virus, which took on the the name of Sen, did exactly what it was made to do.It bonded with a well-known cyber creation infamously known as Jeff the Killer…

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  • EvilMegaCookie


    March 14, 2015 by EvilMegaCookie

    Name: Alinafe

    Aliases: Jagdhund

    Power: It functions like a denial of the supernatural. Were he to face a demon or some other such entity, his arsenal would tear through them just like they would a regular human. In a sense, you could say that he reinforces his concept of what common sense is. However, as he uses normal weaponry and has the physical abilities of a trained fighter, they are attacks that could be easily dodged. In addition, this ability of his hinges on his knowledge of what reality is like. The more he gets into contact with the supernatural, the less effective his ability is.

    To name an example: Take a magical barrier. If Alinafe would shoot a bullet at it, the barrier would shatter like glass as it passes through. 

    In short: He …

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  • Teien

    Yuki Shiroshiki (Walpurgisnacht) is from an alternate distant future in which the Immortal Garden has been disbanded after a series of loses at the hands of Zero Insomnia and the Deathly Herbivores. She goes to the past to join the Immortal Garden and to protect them from Zero Insomnia and the Deathly Herbivores. The seven souls that once resided in the 'Sin Eater' are no more after sacrificing themselves to save Yuki and three other IG members.

    Unfettered Body- Doesn't take physical damage but takes significant amounts of damage when hit by magic attacks and (holy)water based attacks.

    Esoteric Star Manipulation

    Devil Hand

    Angelic Arm

    Immortality Negation- she like her past self can negate other immortal's immortality, but for some reason she d…

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  • Sifsand

    Character sheet 38

    March 14, 2015 by Sifsand

    Name:Cyrus Rookwood

    Aliases:the alpha outsider


    Alignment:True neutral

    Occupation:Monster hunter,paranormal investigator

    Motto:"I fixed your monster problem."







    Abilities:Power of the outsider,expert on the paranormal,paranormal sonar,master swordsman,uses a high powered crossbow,wields two daggers,uncaring towards non-outsiders

    Defects:lack of empathy

    Backstory:An evil warlock had an ideal,to create an army from a simple source,that being the common man.This warlock,who's name is currently unknown,created an army of super soldiers enhanced by magic.These soldiers,which were called the Outsiders,were superior to humans in every way,the distinction in appe…

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  • ShadowOfOblivion7119

    Inside the universe, there are many realms. Below the Earth realm, is The Underworld/Hell. The deepest trench is Tartarus of course. Many think it ends there. Below Tartarus and that entire realm is another realm X'aia, however it used to be on another plane entirely. There was Upper X'aia, also called Zoi-Xa which consisted of Angels. Then there was Lower X'aia, also called Xoi-Za which consisted of Demons. When an inter-dimensional battle was brought forth, X'aia was starting to split which escalated in a Civil War. During the Civil War, the plane was split, Xoi-Za was sent to be darker and deeper than even Tartarus, while Zoi-Xa was sent above Heaven. This is where we talk about Xoi-Za exclusively. At the end of the war, Xoi-Za was give…

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  • Teien

    Akira Zolnerowich

    March 18, 2015 by Teien

    Akira was originally the heir to the Zolnerowich family of the Duodecim. 

    Name: Akira Zolnerowich

    Titles/Aliases:The Dragon-God Slayer and Ditzy 

    Race: Human/Dragon God

    Gender: Female (originally Male)

    Eyes: Amber

    Hair: Pink

    Birthday: June 1

    Age: (Physically 17) (Chronologically 23)

    Height: 163cm (5'4.2")

    Weight: 49kg (108 lbs)

    Blood Type: O

    Three Sizes: Bust 80cm (31")(E cup), Waist 55cm (21") and Hips 73cm (28")

    Hobbies: Lacrosse, Painting, singing

    Favorite Food: Sweets

    Occupations: Bounty Hunter/ Student

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral with a hint of Blue And Orange Morality



    Archetypes: Apologetic Attacker, Dangerously Genre Savvy , Explaining Your Power To The Enemy,Large Ham,Big Eater,Gender Bender,Tsundere,The Snark Knight, WeakButSkilled

    Values: Pare…

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  • Teien

    Mukuro Ikusaba

    March 15, 2015 by Teien

    Mukuro Ikusaba

    Ghost Queen -

    • Possessive Body -
      • Spirit Possession -
      • Possession -
      • Corpse Possession-
    • Telekinesis -
    • Phantasm Manipulation-
    • Vengeance Embodiment -
    • Death Sense -
    • The Haunt -
    • Memory Projection -
    • Fear Inducement -
    • Fear Perception -
      • Fear Augmentation -
      • Fear Empowerment -
    • Necromancy -
    • Absolute Immortality -
    • Afterlife Border -
    • Ectoplasmic Attacks -
    • Afterlife Prevention -
    • Undead Pulse -
    • Isolation -
    • Insanity Inducement -
      • Insanity Empowerment -
      • Mental Breakdown -
    • Mental Attacks -
    • Intangibility -
      • Intangibility Extension -
      • Intangibility Sharing -

    Paralysis Inducement -

    Enhanced Hearing -

    Teleport Dash -

    Enhanced Smell -

    Musical Inducement -

    Invisibility -

    • Technological Invisibility -
    • Inaudibility -

    Symbolic Power Manifestation -

    • Nevermore -

    She can't go near mirrors; if she loo…

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  • Vitorriq

    I Errët

    March 18, 2015 by Vitorriq

    Name: I Errët

    Alias : The Old; The Creature; What should not be

    Race: Elder God

    Gender: Assexual

    Birthday: Beginning of the Big Bang

    Height: Inapplicable

    Weight: Inapplicable

    Ocupation: Divinity

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Archetypes: | GodIsEvil , | EldritchAbomination

    Likes: Destruction and Chaos

    Deslikes: Order and Life

    Quotes :

    • He is known by many names, many titles since ancient and dark ages of morbid face of the world.

    It is said that was banned for centuries, others say it has always been here. What is certain to be said, is that it should never exist - Necronomicon; about him

    What he wants to do? do not know What he likes? We do not know We only know that he wants to destroy

    - Necronomicon

    Origin: Its origin is as dark as his monstrous nature. Accordi…

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  • Teien


    March 14, 2015 by Teien
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  • Dragon-Fox 7

    First Blog

    March 20, 2015 by Dragon-Fox 7

    What was the oldest power in your opinion

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