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    a group of us,specifically me,theRavageBeast,Sweet Poison,GodofNerds,Grantwalker,and Death Horseman94 are making a character with all of our ideas combined through a vote.Leave in the comments below what your vote is about the subject in the title,be sure to be clear what you intend

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    Name: Angela Rosenburg

    Alias: Sweet, Sweet Poison, Blue Angel, Blondie, Angie

    Powers: Blue Fire Manipulation, Healing, Advanced Telekinesis, Basic Telepathy .

    Personality: Fun, Loving, Caring, Funny


    Weapon Proficiency

    Survival Intuition

    Gadget Usage


    Angela Rosenburg was born in Melbourne, Australia to Andrew and Kate Rosenburg, When Angela Was five years of age she discovered her ability to heal when she picked up a very wounded house cat and her hands started to glow. Everyday Angela would Practice her abilities to heal, becoming a expert healer, Angela would help he many people with her abilities of healing, mostly people who wounds were not to serious.

    At the age of ten, Angela discovered her abilities of Blue Fire Manipulation …

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    Character sheet 12

    November 17, 2014 by Sifsand


    Aliases:none currently



    Motto:"Evil enters like a needle and spreads like an oak tree."

    Likes:Toying with the dead

    Dislikes:Being inferior

    Alignment:chaotic neutral

    Hobbies:Toying with bugs




    Origin:wendy lived in a bad neighborhood in the seedy part of the town she grew up.The poverty rates were always high and it was basically hell on earth,the poor and homeless walked the streets and the rich just turned a blind eye.wendy lived with her step father and her biological mother,her fathers name was Jeff and her mothers name was Judy.So Wendy lived with her parents in a run down slums part of the city,Judy was the major provider for the family becuase years o…

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    Character Sheet 2

    November 20, 2014 by Gabriel456

    Name: Khaos

    Occupation: Embodiment of Nothingness & Chaos, Father of All Gods, Father of Typhon&Echidna, Creator of Existence, origin of such magic as Chaos Magic and Void Magic.

    Quote: Do not think of me as evil. It's natural to hate and fear the void, the unknown!

    Alignment: True Neutral

    Powers: Ultipotence,Oblivion Embodiment, Nothingness Manipulation, Nonexistence,Chaos Embodiment/Manipulation,Omnificence,Omnifarious,Absolute Immortality,Omnilock,Singularity.

    Background: Older than existence and even Typhon & Echidna, Khaos is the void that existed before everything else. From him, Typhon and Echidna came to be, as well as their realm of existence. The universe too sprang forth from Khaos, who then went on to create the primordial deities, w…

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    the power is the ability to gain powers depending on the realtion and mental image of a object when touched

    Users develop powers based upon objects they touch and there meaning/ realtion they have with them. for example when a user grab's a glass of water the user could control water. or if the user got a tatto of a image that reminded them of that power then they would have that power until the tatto was removedfrom there core body( if you got youre arm cut off that counts to)

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    Superhero Team

    November 18, 2014 by Zetasaber

    So I have an idea of a Superhero team, one with no powers at all.

    BUT, there is a catch; the villains do have superpowers. The story setting (or what's done so far) can be seen in my last post. My character is basically a 14/15 year old child prodigy, who ends up friends that have certain interests. They're all smart, so he creates cybernetic suits to take down the evil in the world.

    Sounds like Big Hero Six, right? Well, the protagonist ends up upgrading their suits, granting each of them rare abilities with their robot exoskeleton. (i.e. Vector Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Weapon Hands, Summoning)

    I'm still working on the details, along with the story setting, but comment if interested! 

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    Character Sheet 11

    November 16, 2014 by GodOfNerds

    Name: Kurt "Slick" Spark

    Age: 28

    Occupitation: Tattoo Artist,

    Personality: idk what to put here

    Description: Slick likes art and supernatural things, if something goes wrong with his art he will fix it ASAP.

    Abilities: Tattoo artist,Powerful Tattoo´s,It almost seems alive!,Warrior,"Will is the driving force for mankind, the day we lose the will to live the day we lose mankind itself.",

    Motto: "Let no bare skin go to waste, we shall paint it all."

    Quotes: "You used my ink?"

    "I´ll kill you for destroying a piece of art YOU BASTARD!!!!!"

    Backstory: Ever since Slick was 6 he has painted,drawed,sketched and fantasized about art and such, when he turned 8 and went to Thailand he noticed there was something called "temporary tattoo" where you put temporary a…

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    Azrael, the King of Death


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    Azrael, the King of Death

    Chapter 2

    November 16, 2014 by Azrael, the King of Death


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    Story Setting (W.I.P.)

    November 17, 2014 by Zetasaber

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