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  • GrandMethuselah67

    Preface: Over the course of millennia, the Human Race has transcended the human condition. Human experience has expanded from the small blue cradle called Earth, reaching the stars. In the year 2090, the United Government was established, its rule democratic. Under the United Government's rule, humanity managed to colonize the moon, Mars, and Venus. In the year 2250, Humanity becomes a type I civilization on the Kardashev scale, their power source being the very core of their planet itself, and all of the resources the planets follow. By this time, large scale colonization of Venus and Mars is already underway, and the moon is already safely colonized. In the year 3100 AD, humanity has colonized the whole solar system and is working on col…

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  • Teien

    Kurosu Mitarashi

    June 26, 2015 by Teien

    He is Haruka "Mai" Mutsuki's Older Brother and the Head of the Mutsuki Clan.

    Most of Kurosu's face is covered with a silver gray mask, excluding his left eye. He has black hair , a red & black jacket looking cloak with golden cords adorned a patch on the left shoulder ,wearing gray trousers and black shoes.

    Ability Mastering/Ability Transcendence-

    Composite Entity Creation-

    Character Manipulation- He can manipulate the Kanji for "Rule"

    • Law Creation-
      • Law Manipulation-
    • Subordination Manipulation-
    • Submission-
    • Command Inducement-

    Seen It!-

    Perversion Empowerment-

    Dress Break-

    Will Breaking-

    Sex Magic-

    • Sexual Inducement
    • Sexual Orientation Manipulation
    • Death By Sex
    • Sex Specialist

    Concept-Dependent Immortality- As long as there is conflict in the Omniverse he can l…

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  • Azrael, the King of Death

    Name: Aleister Thanatos

    Aliases: Thanatos, Tombstone, Gatekeeper, Master, The Most Dangerous Man in the World.

    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Occupation(s): Information Broker, Musuem Curator, Member of the Illuminati

    Powers: Magic, Spell Casting and Spell Creation , Illusion-Casting, Magically Enhanced Physiology

    Abilities: Cartomancy, Card Combat via tarot cards, Sealing via tarot cards, Clairvoyance via crystal balls, Enhanced Intelligence, Tactical Analysis, Business Intuition

    Motto: "Power will forever be its own reward."


    "Alfred is a fool. There are greater forces at work that he could not even begin to comprehend. Now, enough meaningless chitchat, I have a dimensional plane to guide."

    "The Gorams? Ha! Those bipedal amphibians are but a mere nui…

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  • Teien

    Sleepy Forest

    June 22, 2015 by Teien
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  • Phoenix Rising995

    Name: Omnilord

    Age: 300

    Powers: Omnipotence

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  • Demotivator

    Character Sheet 2

    June 25, 2015 by Demotivator

    Height: 145cm (4’9”)
    Weight: 38kg (84Ibs)
    Nulo is cute little kid and very much looks his age. He has very tanned skinned with a clear unblemished complexion, a small studded earring in each ear, white irises, a prominent snaggletooth poking from underneath the left side of his top lip and his hair is braided into shoulder length locks with the tips fading to a white colour.
    Veki is also quite cute and very much looks her age. She has very tanned skinned with a clear unblemished complexion, a large earring in each ear, black irises, a prominent snaggletooth poking from underneath the right side of her top lip and her hair is dead straight and shoulder length with the tips fading to a white colour.

    Nulo is quite introvert, outwardly bitter and …

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  • Natsu Hearfilia

    A emptied vast building stands in a wasteland on the outskirts of the proud and gleaming city where the D-SDF's branch stood. While it was surrounded by towering pillars and structures built after the successes of war they enjoyed… a contemplating matter dwelled in the darkness of the seemingly black hearted who chose to go against the Government at the lower parts of the mountain, the outskirts where pockets of aether have resulted in the area becoming uninhabitable to most.

    ??? : What of the child who holds the power over the Destiny Jewel? I don’t see you with her, you come to me wounded, yet you have no info on where-- (Stops as they notice the person isn't listening)

    Within the cathedral where black mists and smogs of aether raise and f…

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  • GrandMethuselah67

    Name: Kubrick Walagnast

    Aliases: The King of all the Seas, Lord of all Sea Creatures, King of Venandra, Disciple of Ortanos, Weilder of the Deep

    Age: 30

    Species: Human (Venandran)

    Powers: Ortanos' Gift, The Deep

    Abilities/Skills: Ocean Lordship, Greatest Warrior in Venandra, Super-Venandran Physiology, Supernatural Intelligence

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Affiliations: The Venandrans, Himself, The United Republic of Humankind

    Motto: "I will protect the seas from whatever threatens it."

    Quotes: (Coming soon)

    Theme: (Coming soon)

    Occupations: Adventurer, King of Venandra

    Archetypes: Genius Bruiser, Fisher King, Blue Blood, The Wise King

    Origin Story: Throned in a time of war, Kubrick is the prince of a faction losing against the Daemon faction. He was born i…

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  • Canine-of-change

    How do I set the images (including the gallery photos), Limitations, Capabilities, Variations, Applications, and Techniques of the Supernatural Powers and Abilities that I create?

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  • GrandMethuselah67

    Name: Shay Ladon

    Aliases: The Most Dangerous Man in the Galaxy, War in Human Form, That Guy who Killed Praxtus, The King of Battle, Prince of Mercenaries, The King of All Pawns, The Emperor of Fate

    Age: 35

    Species: Human

    Powers: Neuro-Psychic Knowledge

    Abilities/Skills: Gun Kata, Special Ops Mastery, Intuitive Aptitude, One-Man Army, Legendary Con Artist, Martial Arts Intuition, Gadgetry, Body Supremacy, Psychometry, Reality Perception, Cosmic Awareness, Supernatural Intelligence

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Affiliations: Himself

    Motto: "Good? Evil? It doesn't matter. I'm just doing my job."

    Quotes: "The name's Shay Ladon. I'm hired when you want something done the right way. It doesn't matter the task: simple feats of assassination, sabotaging an in…

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