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    Character Sheet

    October 21, 2014 by GodOfNerds

    Name:Charles "Beast" Gray

    Aliases: The Beast,Johny Boy,The Mad God,


    Occupation:Adventurer,Reality Explorer,Women Lover,Mercenary,

    Motto:"Everyone has flaws, except me of course."

    Quotes:"That was unexpected."

    "In a world where there is evil that justice cannot defeat, will you taints your hands with evil to defeat evil or will you stand steadright and righteous even if that means surrendering to evil"

    "I once knew a man with good taste his name was "Jack" but the public knew him as "Jack the ripper""

    Likes:Simplicity,sushi,japan,japanese,new things,women,science,new places,

    Dislikes:Idiots,Stupidity in general,Naive Heroism,gorams,

    Alignment:Chaotic Neutral

    Hobbies:Travel through the planes of reality,Scaring,Trolling,Being a Detective


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    A Living Person

    2nd Character Sheet

    October 11, 2014 by A Living Person

    Name:Shisei Yugami

    Alias:Seth Jerald, Monster Without a Name,Semot Mishlei

    Birthday:September 23rd

    Hobbies:Video Games,World Traveling,Tarot Reading,Internet Surfing,Trolling

    Occupation:Former Crimelord,Mercenary,Reality Explorer

    Motto:"Destiny has been crushed and Fate's been altered."

    Quotes:"The puppet can't move without the puppeteer and I control the strings."

    "There will be no mistakes....There will be none of your CRAP!"

    "I only pursue for my selfish pleasure, your only a tool I need to gain it."


    Dislikes:Idiots,Omnicidal Maniacs,Naive Heroism

    Alignment:Chaotic Neutral/Good (Depending)

    Hobbies:Planning,Occasionally helping,Being a likable prick.


    Ability:Meta Probability Manipulation/Personal …

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    Character sheet 2

    October 22, 2014 by GodOfNerds

    Name:Elizabeth "Ronin" Gray



    Occupation:Mercenary,Freelancer,Bounty hunter,

    Motto:Nothing is free in this world.

    Quotes:"Ladies ladies theres enough of me for alll of you?"

    Likes:Ladies,Women,Boobs,Bikinis,All females and their parts in general,

    Dislikes:Men unless they have money,

    Hates:Cowards,poor people,Lawrence,Selforge,

    Alignment:The one who pays the most,

    Hobbies:Killing,shooting,throwing grenades

    Species:Artificial Human

    Favorite number:13

    Ability:Superhuman Physiology,Planeswalking,Enhanced assassination,Enhanced Sawmanship,Enhanced Marksmanship,Enhanced Agility,Enhanced Athleticism,Enhanced Swordsmanship,Enhanced Tracking,Enhanced Combat,Enhanced Charisma,Immortal Bond To Charles,Invincible Skin and muscles,


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    Deathwish Invictus

    I will eventually renew this and my other pages, but for now ive taken it down.

    Havin a break, seeya

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    Deathwish Invictus

    Haa ya missed it.,..well if you look in history you could....nvm

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    Buy Facebook Likes

    October 18, 2014 by OttoNelson

    Buy Facebook Likes

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    Death horseman94

    Character Setup

    October 15, 2014 by Death horseman94

    Rather than do a character sheet, which I chose not to share, I will just list the abilities my character would have instead. Although there are two sets of powers, the only real change when moving universes is the loss of the 3 omni's. It is also worth noting that his own universe form is still an outer god, just the only god.

    These are possessed in the universe that he created.

    • Absolute Condition
    • Eldritch Physiology
    • Fatal Countenance
    • Monotheistic Deity Physiology
    • Oblivion Embodiment
    • Omnipotence
    • Omnipresence
    • Omniscience
    • Transcendent Demon Physiology

    Everywhere else in existence:

    • Nigh Omnipotence
    • Nigh Omniscience
    • Omnilock
    • Outer God Physiology
    • Transcendent Demon Physiology
    • Universal Manipulation
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    ok so as the title says chose 1 to 3 super powers i recomend non cheaty powers  mainly ones with gaps and limited power it makes it better to imagine and fun is derived from accomplising goal and going over hurdles so moderation is what you want there will be a       LOT!!! (please also include reason for powers if you can)

    1. Uncertainty Manipulation: Users rule over the realm of uncertainty. They can manipulate everything that lies beyond their perception, turning uncertainty into the certainty of their choosing. In short, what isn't immediately perceived at a given moment can be anything they choose.made by DYBAD (he's so awesome)

    1.1    Under Cover : the most basic technique, it allows to alter phenomena currently in the field of percepti…

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    Deathwish Invictus

    Character Pics

    October 22, 2014 by Deathwish Invictus

    Ok, since pics on my original pages were acting weird, i decided to put the here

    None atm

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