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  • Holokami

    Character Sheet: Ya

    April 28, 2016 by Holokami


    Personal Information

    Ythyali of Creation






    Beginnings, Creation, Existence, Form, and Origins

    Gender Appearance



    Unfathomably ancient






    The Ten

    Professional Information




    Ythyali of Creation

    Base of Operations


    Extra Information












    Hair Color


    Hair Style

    Very Long

    Eye Color




    170.18cm (5’7”) (Humanoid Form)



    Powers and Abilities
    Powers and Abilities

    Cosmic Otherness

    Creation Embodiment

    Dependable Existence

    Existence Embodiment

    Form Embodiment


    Origin Embodiment

    Ya is one of the ten Ythyali, and the Ythyali of B…

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  • Imouto-tan

    Astraea Sears

    April 26, 2016 by Imouto-tan


    was once a wizard saint, a former Major and Commander of the Destiny Security Organization, and Celestial Incident Management task enforcer. She is also an alumnus of Destiny Military Academy as she won the first ever Grand Destiny Star Games in 1967 in the name of her fallen classmates and was the creator of the Infinite Regalia: Sankishin. She is also one of Sherria's memory vessels.

    When she was a teen she had blue/gold starry-eyes with long strawberry/platinum blonde hair that is decorated with three food motif hair clips, and a curvaceous yet petite figure and sexy feminine body line. She wore a pink cardigan and a white and baby blue uniform, with multi-color stockings. It was referred to as chic, and her uniform gave off a cutie pie …

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  • Scorpio1999

    Name: Thera Moonbrooke     

    Age: 28 (appears 22 due to her agelessness)

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Affiliations: Orlando Moonbrooke (Father. bounty hunter and necromancer), Maybell Moonbrooke (Mother, deceased), Ailith (MFIDF Captain of the elite division, friend), Sashenka (Elite MFIDF, friend). Luise (Elite MFIDF, friend), Kaori (Elite MFIDF, friend), Dwayne Cradle (Notorious bounty hunter, Thera's murderer), Dmitri Cinder (Ex-boyfriend, Exiled Prince of the Oracle Region).

    Occupitation: Veteran, Thief, Hired Assassin, Vigilante.

    Gender: Female

    Marital Status: Single


    Preferences: Heterosexual

    Likes: Silence, intellect, intimidating the Fayden townspeople, communicating with the dead, hand seal magic (though she isn't highly skilled), litera…

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  • Omniman276200

    Alex was born in 1773 who discovered a mutant ability to during the war when he was shot in the chest and the wound has healed rapidly.After war he was introduced in the art of assassinations.He was shot,stabbed,poisoned,but did not died.During 1900 till 1995 he was a mercenary of the weapon x program,were he was discovered his ability to create constructs out of energy,his most wanted swords and guns.Eventually weapon x trick him to participate in a super soldier program ,erasing his memory turning him in a immortal killing machine.

    [1] [


    Omega-level Homo Superior Physiology

    • Biological Manipulation/Life-Force Manipulation
      • Power absorption/augmentation/erasure/Granting /Self-Power Granting
        • Super C…

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  • CoolCat123450

    Character Sheet 32

    April 23, 2016 by CoolCat123450

    Name: Catherine Lea (Real Name: Unknown)

    Alias: Secretary Lea, Cancer of the Zodiac, The Lady Of Stockton Technologies, The Master Planner

    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    Powers: Radiation Manipulation (Radiolysis, EMP, Suicidal Nuclear Self-Detonation, Radiation Immunity, Cancer Inducement along with Anti-Healing Factor)

    Non-Radioactive Beams, Energy Absorption

    Abilities: Supernatural Condition-Basic Level, Peak Human Intelligence, Business Intuition, Strategic Mind

    Motto: "Timing is everything."

    Quotes"How I gained my abilities is a mystery I will probably never know. When Richard Stockton studied me and informed me of the nanites in my brain that were programmed to control me and deactivated them, that's when I found out I was created to be a weapon…

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  • Imouto-tan

    Atlas Flame

    April 20, 2016 by Imouto-tan


    Epithet The Dragon of the Supreme Inferno
    Alignment Lawful Neutral
    Race Dragon
    laterality Right
    Gender Male
    Age 21
    Birthday January 15
    Blood Type ???
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Switzerland (originally)

    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (raised in)

    Affiliation Hitman (Amicus Family)
    Occupation Information Alliance (Sergeant)

    ex-Foo Fighter (Major)

    Base of Operations Mobile Air Base
    Family Unnamed Mother and Father (deceased)
    Hair Color Reddish-brown
    Eye Color Red
    Height 187cm (6'2")
    Weight 83kg (183 lbs)
    Powers/Abilities Supreme Dragon's Inferno
    Hobbies Collecting motorcycles, Fishing and, Training
    Favorite Food Spicy Crab and Shrimp Ramen W/Beef Miso soup
    Weapon Legacy Weapon – Roaring Sword: Dragon Rebellion
    is an ex-solider turned assassin hir…

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  • CoolCat123450

    Character Sheet 33

    April 25, 2016 by CoolCat123450

    Name: Nathan Thompson

    Alias: Senator Thompson, N.T.

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Powers: Telekinesis-Advanced Level (Telekinetically Supernatural Conditioning, Molecular Manipulation, Telekinetic Blast, Compression, and Destruction)

    Telepathy-Advanced Level (Remote Telepathy, Mind Image, Telepathic Language Instruction, Projective Omnilingualism, Telepathic Relay, Telepathic Hijacking, Psychic Shield, Psychic Inhibitors, Pushing)

    Abilities: Peak Human Intelligence, Enhanced Memory, Business Intuition, Tactical Analysis, Psychological Intuition

    Motto: "I'm sure we can come to an agreement."

    Quotes: "Richard Stockton, Ariel Groves, Daniel Khan, and Herschel Kierkegaard, we converge together once again but this time, and in the future, it will be throu…

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  • Imouto-tan

    【 ♣ Jinx ♣ 】

    April 24, 2016 by Imouto-tan

    She is an assassin and one of the Thirteen Wizard Saints

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  • Imouto-tan

    Izumi Togami

    April 21, 2016 by Imouto-tan


    Epithet Crimson-Eyed Demon
    Alignment Lawful Good
    Race Reincarnated Devil

    Formerly Human (Jewel)

    Laterality Left
    Gender Female
    Age 18
    Birthday September 13th (Virgo)
    Blood Type O
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Akita, Japan
    Affiliation Togami Clan
    Occupation Prefectural Awatsuki High School (Second-Year Student)
    Base of Operations Stazt's Hamburgers
    Family Unnamed Parents

    Kaguya Togami (Big Sister)

    Hair Color Lilac
    Eye Color Black

    Blood Red with Golden pupils (Demon Hunter)

    Height 169 cm (5' 6.5")
    Weight 52 kg (116 lbs)
    Breast Weight 3.1kg
    Bust 93cm (37")/Varies
    Cup 68G
    Bust Volume 1939.0ml(?)
    Waist 57cm (22")
    Hips 85cm (33")
    Powers Enhanced Swordsmanship
    Favorite Food Diet Succubi Soda with Golden Brown Pizza
    Hobby Training

    Ragnarok (Wakizashi)/ Ninja T…

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  • CoolCat123450

    Character Sheet 34

    April 26, 2016 by CoolCat123450

    Name: Viktor Freeman

    Alias: Chrono-Walker, Ouroboros, The Champion of Causality, Master of the 34th Century, Conqueror of All Time, Precursor to Perfection

    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Powers via symbiotic exoarmor: Supernatural Condition-Advanced Level, Force-Field Generation, Incomplete Imperceptibility due to user still being detectable through touch, Subspace Storage, Wormhole Creation (Hyperspace Travel), Telekinesis-Advanced Level, Molecular Level Matter Manipulation, Electromagnetism Manipulation (Magnetism Manipulation, Electromagnetic Pulse Emission, etc.), Temporal Manipulation (Time Stopping, Reversal, Reloading, Duplication, Spatial-Temporal Lock, Phasing, Matter Exchange, etc), Future-Probability Cognition, and Psychic Shadow.


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