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    Death horseman94

    Ok so you see a lot of these blog posts appearing asking about what powers you would have in real life or whatever. They always say things like no omnipotent or transcendent powers. Well this blog is different.

    Pick any amount of powers then explain what you would do with them. Omnipotence is allowed AS LONG as you tell me what you would do with it.

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    People who never read about the Living Tribunal can't truly fathom how transcendent he truly is beyond our meager conception of reality. "The Tribunal is serene in his omnipotence", "For none possess his omniscient perspective". He exacts judgment on a megaversal scale and for everyone that says the Living Tribunal isn't omnipotent and omniscient, here's a scan: 

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    Ultimate Debates

    August 12, 2014 by BeyonderGod

    I love having debates! Because I love to show people that logic is needed in a factual debate!

    • Factual Evidence
    • Proof

    I can't stop debating on fictional debates if its like wrestling which is nonfictional is really easy so those I stay away from those but if you wanna debate?

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    seems like an even match to me, but what do you think?

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    Heroes United

    August 24, 2014 by UltimateGohan98

    If I'm not allowed to advertise here, you may delete this blog.

    Recently I've been apart of many wiki's around wikia, most roleplaying wiki's, but I've always wondered why there were so few comic based rp wiki's. Well, after some hard work and a group of helpful friends, I created a wiki based on the world's most well known comics. Heroes United will provide you the full comic book experience of being a hero, anti-hero, vigilante, or villain. There's more to it though, as you get to make your own characters to comlete mission, cause havoc, save the world, and ineteract with others. So come over to Heroes United and check out our many features and join. I guarantee you'll have a fun time and make friends with our community's members. Two lin…

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    July 29, 2014 by Jon825lazery7

    Attention, everyone. I created my own facebook page. I just created it yesterday so I'm still working on the basics.

    Feel free to go it, but I'm having trouble getting it on my account page. So, feel free to help me with that one.

    I don't know if your guys want me to put the link in this blog, but, if so, I will put it if you guys allow it.

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    ?: 12/05/92.

    M,175cm, 68 kg.

    Design: Mi-long brown hair, Caucasian, Brown eyes,

    Clothes and Accessory: iPod, 

    • Summer Outfit: Hoodie, Sleeveless T-shirt, Jeans, Sneakers.
    • Winter Outfit: Grey Coat, Black Pullover, Formal pants, Loafers.

    Strenghs: Willing to help, rarely gives up.

    Flaws: Lazy, rude, sore loser.

    Hobbies: Movies, Rock and metal Music.

    Main Power: Telekinesis.

    • Low tier Skill: Telekinetic Push/Pull.
    • Mid Tier Skills: Telekinetic Combustion, Telekinetic Cryokinesis.
    • High Tier Power: Telekinetic Combat
    • Weak point: Exhaustion and Headache.

    Origin: As a college student, ? had no real goal, until one day, he met an old lady whom he granted the power of telekinesis.

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    Angelina Valentina

    I'm a noob.

    August 7, 2014 by Angelina Valentina

    Hey guys. My name is Angel. This is my first time posting a blog. I'm really noobish. So. Yeah. I like shows like Smallville,Supernatural,Heroes. You should watch if you haven't. They actually real good shows. I'm kinda interested in angels and stuff. 

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    Angelina Valentina

    Hello. This is an introduction to my blog. I'm very new. So don't hate on me. 

    My name is Angel. I like shows like Supernatural,Smallville,Heroes. 

    pece. PS. Thank you for reading my blog. Goodbye. Have a nice day. 

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    Dream Telepathy

    August 17, 2014 by Jeremiahdiskint

    Dream Telepathy

    Power/Ability to: Communicate telepathically with another person while one is sleeping


    The user can be able to communicate to another person when the user is sleeping. The user will dream a place where another person is, or the user can dream a location where the user has been and to communicate to friends, acquaintances, other fathers, other mothers, other cousins, other uncles, business partners, and other business partners or family who has died in the family, and historical people in the dream and to communicate to the people while the user is dreaming. 


    Dream Manipulation


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