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"I didn't intend to deceive you. Truth be told, this is simply the kind of body I have."
― Riful of the West, Claymore

The power to shapeshift into blade tentacles. Variation of Natural Weaponry and Weapon Physiology.

Also Called

  • Blade Tentacle Generation


Users can generate blade-like appendages from their body, either as additional limbs or by shapeshifting existing ones. They can generate, extend and control many blades at once with high speed and precision, allowing them to take on and cut down numerous opponents simultaneously. These bodily blades can also be used to deflect incoming attacks, or defeat opponents with minimal damage via tentacle binding. Advanced users may turn their entire body into living blades and upgrade them with various properties, multiplying their offensive and defensive abilities.




  • Only effective at short and medium range, unless users have advanced elongation.

Known Users

  • Riful (Claymore)
  • Octavia (Claymore)
  • Momiji (Hiniiru)
  • Hookwolf (Worm)
  • Rodeaux and Chita (Zatch Bell!)
  • Trent MacGowen (Smallville)


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