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The ability to feed off the goodness of a foe and become better physically. Opposite to Malevorous.

Also Called

  • Benevolent/Good Metabolization


The user can feed on the goodness of people's hearts; gaining boosts to stamina, strength, durability, and speed depending on the level of goodness in a foe. The power automatically scans for the best goodness to feed off of when facing multiple foes, which don't need to have actual powers.


  • Turn a foe's goodness to your gain.
  • An almost anti-hero can still give user a slight boost to your physical traits.
  • The goodness the user feeds off of can come from a super-powerless but goodhearted person.
  • Even anti-villains can fuel one's powers despite dubious alignment.



  • An amoral person would deprive a benevorous being of fuel.

Known Users

  • Demise (Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword)

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